Contacting PINBALL MEDIC amusement games in austin texas  This is how to contact Pinball Medic to set up a repair service call, refurbishment or for information on arcade sales and game buys.
We will respond with additional info (our phone number, etc) were appropriate, after the initial contact.

 For Emergency CODE BLUE Pinball and Arcade game service, use our contact information below and include "code blue" in the subject or comments field.

  We also Purchase Arcade Games of all kinds (EM and SS types, Video game, Pinball, EM Gun arcades).

Our service area includes Austin, Buda, George Town, Round Rock, Oak Hill and the nearby Hill Country, Cedar Park and other towns and cities around central Texas. Dallas, Houston or any other city that is more then 35 miles from central Austin is too far for us to travel to, at this time.
Use the E-mail address in the following image to contact us.
Requested information common to all first time E-mail correspondence.
 Your Name and Phone number, E-mail address, Street address, City, State, Zip, Name of the game,
Game's manufacturer
(If Known),
Game type (Pin/Vid/Gun Game and EM=electromechanical / SS=electronic solid state).
Comments regarding type of service requested and game condition details.

This is our contact information. none
 Pinball Medic is proud to service, restore and sell coin operated arcade, video games, pinball machines and other amusement equipment in the Austin, Texas and surrounding towns.

  Set up a Game repair request Set up a game repair.
Name of Game, Type of game, Game manufacturer, Symptoms for each game, Type of service requested (field service, in shop), Customer site type (home, retail shop, other). Comments (regarding type of service requested and game condition details).

 Arcade game order order a game from Pinball Medic.
Game Type, Game Name or Title, local town's name. Comments (any useful game condition and other information).
We are one of a few places in the United States (particularly in Texas) that offers both electromechanical (EM) and state of the art electronic (solid state) pinball, EM gun and video game repair and refurbishment/restorations.

 Whether you own a "man cave" or just need an in-home or house call field service, Pinball Medic provides fast and reliable service, game refurbishment and restoration.

  Contact Pinball Medic today and we will get busy repairing, refurbishing or selling an arcade.

 We provide in home coin operated video and pinball arcade game repair, refurbishment and games for sale.

video pinball repair refurbishment in texas and Austin   Sell us an arcade game
Game Type, Game Name or Title, Game's condition and photos of major parts (Playfield, Backglass, Cabinet, Backbox, Legs,Coin-door).
Comments (any useful game condition and other information).

 Parts inquiry/order Check for a part in our inventory or order an used or new part or kit.
Game Type, Game Name or Title, Part Number, Original Part(s) Manufacturer, Parts Quantity.
Comments (Part Descriptions).

Information about Pinball Medic in Austin.
  Pinball Medic was forged out of a large Coin-Op game hobby started over twenty five years ago with a few electromechanical and some classic electronic arcade games including a pinball (Space Mission) and two EM gun arcades (Duck Hunt, Bonanza - both are EM gun game).
 This obsession (hobby) grew to over 60 pinball machines and 20 classic video arcade games and is still growing to this day.
 With years of coin operated game repair experience, a college degree and a professional career in the design, use and repair of industrial electronics, Pinball Medic decided to give something back to the coin operated games of his youth and to the people and their children who cherish them.

 As a double bonus, we are able to repair, refurbish, restore, sell and even get to play coin-op games on the job.

 As a result, Pinball Medic Amusements is one of the last repair shops open today that can repair and restore electro-mechanical (EM) and Electronic (Solid State) pinball machines , EM gun and electronic video arcade games.

  We have the following goals for this year (2017).
 1. We are still looking for a repair/show room shop. We still consider Austin our base city.
Please Contact Pinball Medic if you know of a space.

 2. Adding a shopping chart to this site. The great expense of securing, storing and processing online credit card order information has delayed this option. We may just add a phone number to the site and take orders over the phone. Phone orders would be limited to new circuit boards, dolly orders and game sells unless the customer is in our service area.

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