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Competent Coin Operated Arcade and Pinball Repair, Restoration, Refurbishment and Amusement Arcade Game Sells.
 We are an Austin, Texas company with over 25 years experience in restoring, repairing and refurbishing coin operated pinball machines, arcades and amusement equipment.

  Pinball Medic
works on vintage to modern video games and pinball machines.
Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan, Genco, Midway, Premier, Sega, Williams, old and new Stern and many other arcade manufactures, both EM and SS game types.

 Professional refurbishment and restoration of coin operated amusement arcade games. Payment is via Cash or Check at the time of Service.

  Information on our labor rates, fees and policies is on our Service page.

 Pinball Medic is one of the last game repair, refurbishment shop and arcade parts dealer open today that can fix, refurbish and restore both Electromechanical (EM, Relays, Score Reels) and Electronic (Solid State or SS, Chips) Pinball machines, EM Gun games and Video arcade amusement games.

 Every coin operated arcade, EM gun game, video, or pinball machine
we sale or refurbished goes through our professional
Pinball restoration / refurbishment or Video game restoration / refurbishment processes.

 Both game repair technicians and coin operated wood crafted arcade games tend to break apart when rained on.
 Pinball Medic will not pick up or deliver a game on a day that has the slightest of chances of precipitation. Check with the Austin, Texas weather radar before making an appointment or house service call request

 We are always looking for good quality coin operated pinball and video games, dead or alive!
 Coin-Op Amusement games, Arcade, Video games
and Pinball machines whether working or not are needed to replenish our used game parts supplies or arcade games for sale inventories.
 Get money for that space hog in the corner of your garage, Commercial Arcade game room or Coin-Op game storage warehouse inventory.
contact us or go to  Our Arcade Game Buying Procedure page.

 The "Play Pin"  Coin Operated Tech Articles
 Coin operated full sized arcade game technical how to, parts and full games for sale marketplace pages will be operational soon.
 There will also be a subscription based "Wiki"styled technical and other valuable service information page in place of our E-mailed 'Pinball Matters' newsletter.
 The index for these articles will be located on the PLAY PIN arcade Q & A and classifies.

 List of Texas pinball festivals and expos


   Pinball Medic greatly appreciates your interest in our company, web sites and what we offer to the coin operated Arcade room and Collector communities.

  Special note to 'Linked In' (TM) and 'Facebook' (TM) members - Attributable to privacy concerns, Pinball Medic's company policy is to not involve either our employees or management team in social networking or other personal data sharing sites. They simply retain, sell, share and provide personal information for far too long without much benefit for Pinball Medic Amusements or our employes.
 Our major concern is the penalty many invite senders pay when we do not accept an invitation to join a particular social network.  To do less harm, we ask people to not send us invitations to such sites at this time. We may accept them someday, however, only after our privacy and penalty concerns have been addressed.

LOCAL COIN OPERATED EVENT AND GAME SALE NEWS IN AUSTIN, TX Pinball Medic is still investigating the best way to implement a customer, associated author or group submitted technical and DIY article page. These "pearls of wisdom" will be posted on our subscription supported "How To" site in an attempt to educate game owners and repairmen on the best and safest way to repair or refurbish a pinball part or a whole arcade game. Hopefully, we can save a few arcades and prevent another Coin Op disaster like we see daily during field service calls. Stay tuned for further updates.

 The subscription supported "Play Pin" Arcade and Pinball Tech Information Wiki will consist of local coin-op amusement related events, tech questions and answers, how to and how not to repair, refurbish or restore a pinball, amusement or video game. This Wiki will let our coin-op enthusiast customers (pinheads & video game hobbyist) and Pinball Medic help answer arcade, technical pinball and specific video game questions in greater depth with full photographic and "how to" documentation.
This will be a pay to view Wiki so it will be self supporting with subscription fee reduction given for each article provided to Pinball Medic.

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