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Pinball Medic's electronic and electromecanical pinball machines, Arcade and video games for Sell in Austin, Texas. Including vintage, antique, collectable to modern pinball machines, arcades and video games.

We have for sale all kinds of refurbished games from the Score Light scoreboards, vintage Woodrail era, classic electro-mechanical to modern electronic video games, pinball and full sized Arcade machines. All these game were formally from the coin operated amusement industry.

Pinball Medic can sell your local game on commission too. Or we can likely find the perfect game for you if it is not listed here.

Payment Methods: Cash or Local Check.
No electronic transfers, Paypal or Credit Cards accepted at this time.

All of our full sized boxes of FUN have been refurbished or restored in weird Austin. Video game and Pinball machine refurbishment processes.

We have many more pinball and video arcade games to refurbish and sell and we are working on them everyday. We will not sell a non refurbished game.

Williams Cyclone pinball for sale in austin texas Pinball for Sale -- Our inventory of video games.

(11/18/20) We are selling a Williams Cyclone pinball (1988).
Contact us if you are interested in this game.

Current list of locally wanted pinball games -

(8/6/21) We have a buyer for either a Williams Medieval Madness or a Black Knight Sword of Rage LE with Topper.
If you have either of these pinball games, please let us know.

We buy arcades, SS and EM pinball, EM shooter galleries and other coin-op games.
We also buy individual games and go on warehouse arcade game buys.

Need pinball machine maintenance, game set up or own a coin operated laundry or Arcade? We sell, service and refurbish both Pinball games and Video arcades.

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EM=Electromechanical game. Otherwise it is a SS=Electronic arcade machine.

Pinball machines we are currently refurbishing.

A Classic Nip-It pinball!
This fishing and sports themed Electro-mechanical pinball was designed by the inventor of Zipper flippers; Ted Zale. Artwork by Dick White.
The game was released by Bally in 1973.
It's a rare two ball multi-ball and Bally's last electromechanical pinball to feature Zipper Flippers. It is in almost mint condition. No missing playfield artwork and a working Balligator!
A violation of the historical timeline when "Fonzie" (Aaaaaeeeeee), Richie Cunningham and the whole group of friends played this title on the TV show 'Happy Days' in Arnold's Diner. It still is an extremely popular pinball machine. A real collectors item.

Royal Flush A 1976 Gottlieb four player EM pinball is next on our refurbishment list.
This game is highly collectable and perhaps the best multi player card themed game Gottlieb ever made.
This pinball features nine drop targets which light five combinations of poker hands. There are Rocker targets behind each drop target. Use three targets and three rollovers to light up the Jokers. All three Jokers will then light the special.

Yellow Jacket Pinball DollyYellow Jacket Pinball Moving Dolly (YJ Dolly)
If you are needing to move a lot of pinball games or just one by yourself, Pinball Medic made what might be the easiest to use pinball dolly in the galaxy.

Video and Arcard Games for Sale

We have Arcades (EM, SS), Gun games and classic video games (CRT and LED monitor games).

See our We buy coin-op page for more information on wanted arcades.