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 1. Number 44 Light Bulb to 47 Light Bulb Replacement to help prevent playfield plastics warping and scoreboard ink flaking.
 Also see   Bulb Image Chart      Arcade Lamp and Bulb Chart

 3. Pinball Playfield Steel Game Ball Replacement Schedule
  New replacement Laser brand Pinball Game Balls

 5. Monitor Burn-In Image problems.

 7. Pinball System Board Identification and Game Name Listings Charts

 9. Video Monitor Capacitor Replacement Kits.  (Re-Cap kits)

 11. Game batteries and battery acid damage to circuit boards.

 13. Should Spike Arrestors or Power Strips be used on a Coin Operated Arcade Game?

 15. How to Determine Whether to Repair or Replace a Pinball Circuit Board

 17. Coin-Op game shipping Methods and Costs
 See Shipping and Yellow Jacket pinball Dolly pages.

 19. What brand of AA sized battery is best for my coin-op arcade game? Is it OK to use a rechargeable battery and what is the purpose of these batteries?

  21. Can I leave a game powered on all of the time?

  23. Are there differences between pinball game balls from different suppliers and what can this difference do to a playfield?

  25. What types and sizes of cabinets are there and does the cabinet type add to a game's worth?

  27. Flipper Bushing types demystified and flipper scrape damage caused by worn out bushings explained.

  29. Line voltage and the dangers of High Tapping an arcade's transformer.

  31. Types and photos of pinball playfield lockdown bars

  33. Why would someone wax a playfield and what wax would they use?

  35. What are some Wide Body and Standard playfield glass dimensions?

  37. How to get started constructing a new pinball.
 2. How to Brighten up old Gottlieb Displays

 4. Matching Paint Colors on Pinball Side Art

 6. Wide Body Playfield Glass Replacement and some playfield glass dimensions.

 8. What is the Playfield Rubber Ring Replacement schedule?

 10. Pinball Circuit Board Capacitor Kit.

 12. Solenoid Coil Part Numbers Explained.
 See also Solenoid Coil Charts

 14. How often should plastic and EM Pinball Parts be Greased

 16. Why is my Coin-Op Game Resetting During Game Play?

 18. Why does solenoid, flasher bulbs and other high current draw components affect the five volt game logic power supply line causing game resets?

 20. What is the difference between the terms 'Shopped', 'Refurbished' or 'Restored' when referring to a game's condition?

 22. Do all pinball games use the same size of game ball or are there pinball specific game balls?

24. I'm confused about fuses. How is a fuse rated and what fuse types are in Coin-Op Arcade games.

26. What are the sizes of dot matrix displays (DMD) and are there any differences between  display  manufacturers?

28. New reproduction versus old original backglass/scoreboard glass

30. What methods can be used to fix weak or non-operating flippers

32. Why can't Coin-Op repair shops fix home version pinball games?

34. What kind of oil can be used on arcade game motors and pinball leg level adjusters?

36. Who are the major Pinball manufacturers in the U.S,A.?

38. What is the correct pinball leg length for my game?

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