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  35. What are some Wide Body and Standard playfield glass diminsions?

36. This Qestion is being writen.

  37. How to get started constructing a new pinball.
35. What are some Wide Body and standard playfield glass diminsions?
Pinball Playfield glass Most modern pinball games use a standard sized playfield glass.

 Widebody pinball games can have different playfield glass diminsions that changed with the game's title and manufacturer.

 See Tech Tip 6 for more on widebody PF glass replacement.

 Pinball Medic does not sale new or used playfield glass.
 We are not responible for any PF glass mesurement errors on this page.

  NOTE: PF=Playfield.  LB.=Pounds. "=Inches.
 Glass diminsions are Width" X Length" X Thickness.
 All flippered pinball machines use a tempered glass (without the tempered "seal or mark").

 A standard pinball playfield glass measures 21" wide x 43" length x 3/16 inch thick (double strength). It is used on most pinball machines, although there are many exceptions to this standard size.
 Standard playfield glass part numbers.
08-7028-T / A-08-7028-T.
Data East / Sega / Stern 660-5001-00.
Bally G-409.
Midway 0360-00921-0000.
Game Plan 08-10003D.
Capcom GL00102. Weight: 14.9 lb.

 Early solid state Williams wide body pinball machines PF glass measures 27-5/8" x 43" x 3/16" thick. 08-7359-T Weight: 16 lb.

 Early Bally electromechanical (EM) PF glass (metal framed glass holder) is 21" x 41-1/2" x 3/16 inches thick. G-337, Weight: 18 lb.

 Wide body early Bally solid state PF glass measures 27-1/2" x 43" x 3/16 inches.  G-409-1, Weight: 16 lb.

 Williams Joust Pinball machine - Measures 25 1/2" x 42 1/2" x 3/16 Inches.
 Williams Hyperball and Bally Rapid Fire - Measures 21" x 37" x 3/16 Inches.
 Williams Magic Clock PF glass measures 21 3/4" x 43" x 3/16" Inches.
Wide Body and Game Specific playfield glass dimisions
(by game name and manufacturer).

 Pinball 2000 - Uses a special half-mirrored playfield glass on all Pinball 2000 games. Revenge From Mars and Star Wars Episode 1. 04-12739.1 Weight: 19 lb.

 Wide Body glass measures 23-3/4" x 43" x 3/16" thick.
 Used on the following games: Demolition Man, Indiana Jones (IJ), Judge Dredd (JD), Popeye, Road Show, Star Trek The Next Generation (STTNG), Twilight Zone (TZ).  Williams 08-7028-1. Weight: 21 lb.

 Wide body PF glass for early Stern (1980-1982) and other pinball machines measures 24-9/16" x 45-3/4" x 3/16" thick.
 Fits - Big Game (BG), Cheetah, Flight 2000 (F2K), Freefall (Stern), Iron Maiden (IM), Orbitor 1, Split Secound (SS), Viper (Stern). Weight: 12 lb.

  Data East wide body PF glass size is 23.75" by 43" by 3/16" thick.
  NOTE:This is incorrectly stated in the Guns N Roses and WWF Royal Rumble game manuals.   See Service Bulletin number 99.
 Fits: Batman Forever, Guns N Roses, WWF Royal Rumble.
  660-5014-00, Weight: 15 lb.

 Gottlieb early solid state System 1 wide body tempered glass measures 27-1/2" x 48-1/2" x 3/16" thick.
 Fits the following games: ROLLER DISCO and GENIE, Weight: 10 lb.

  Wide body tempered glass for Gottlieb early solid state System 80 measures 24-5/8" x 48-3/8" x 3/16" thick.   GTBSYS80-W, Weight: 20 lb.
 Fits the following games: (1981-10) Black Hole (BH), (1980-06) Circus, (1980-08) Counterforce (CF), (1982) Eclipse, (1981-02) Force II, (1982-06) Haunted House (HH), (1980-10) James Bond 007, (1980-06) Panthera, (1981-03) Pink Panther, (1980-10) Star Race, (1980-05) Spider Man, (1980-12) Time Line, (1981-09) Volcano.

 Williams Slugfest pitch & bat baseball machine.  23" x 35.25"   08-7572-1

 18.5" x 36.5" x 3/16" Fits - Bally Safecracker, Ticket Tac Toe.   90003 or 08-8103, Weight: 15 lb.

 Stern's Orbitor - Measures 24 5/8" x 45 3/4" x 3/16 Inches.
 37. How to Manufacture a new pinball.
We have read many articles about modifying existing machines or building a game from scratch. We tried to do both at the same time making a plexiglass pinball cabinet and playfield. Using a great EM game as a template. This turned out to be one of the hardest, expensive and time consuming projects imaginable. We never finished it.
Search the internet for a plexiglass EM and the "Mirror Universe" pinball projects. They are two good exceptions to the "don't build it" rule and can provide information on home built pinball games.
Even if you don't like the theme, gameplay or the long construction times of modern pinball machines, let the three remaining pinball companies continue to make them.
It takes hundreds of thousands worth of equipment and parts (woodworking, electronics, playfield mechisns, CNC machine, screen printing equipment and many specialised parts) to make a modern pinball, at least to make it professionally.
Wait for a game with your favorite theme to be made. Play it first before you buy one or at least read the opinions of many other players of a specific game (more sources then IPDB).
After a period of time reflecting on this complex and expensive decision, buy the game used and save some money. That's the surest way to purchase a game you will actually want to play without making one.

If our warning was not enough, go here to learn much more about building a pinball machine.
Pinball Construction

or the main page dealing with artwork and other construction information.
Making Pinball
O.T. Our opinion on game themes and the general pinball industry.
There are too many pinballs based on floped movies or very old Rock n Roll bands. At least read the script and forget the hype before committing to build another movie themed pinball. Realize the pinball may flop with the movie (remember Waterworld?).
Get with the times. Pick something modern and with a good following. Manufacturers, go get yourself some young people's new money and extend the future of pinball at the same time. Pinball collectors are dieing at an alarming rate.
Most kids don't know what a pinball is or how to play one (playing on a cell phone doesn't count). The End Is Nigh.
It would be refreshing to play a pinball with more of a "general" theme. Anime, Science Fiction, classic\modern literature or even a music style instead of only one band. This was how it was done in the past!
Can you image the unique American style of Jazz as a pinball? Think of all the classic upbeat Jazz tunes that could be used. Change the gameplay as the game is played. Improvisational Jazz is not played the same way each time. Neather should a entertaing pinball. Keep people interested and engaded.
Devices that randomize the ball's roll, faster open field playfields with hidden paths and powered targets. All these concepts and a few Critical stand alone skill shots thrown in could make the game less predicable and playable for a longer time.
Some unusual playfield toys would bring back the spark of pinball to the masses. Players could use more then their flipper fingers (brains too) to strategize the best way to score big. New thinking would reignite the pinball industry. Get this game back to being the top coin-op game. Not just a way to deliver a gum ball.
You have reached the end of our ranting opinions. Just know that without clear new ideals, Pinball could end up as another dead artform like Jukeboxes. The world would be made lesser as a result.
 Many more Q & A to come!
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