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How to contact Pinball Medic about a service call, Arcade game repair, arcades for sale, refurbishment, restoration, game set up and inspection.

no spaces in addressClick to enlarge image. It shows our e-mail address in the form of
pinba?lme?ic@?????.c?m   Replace the '?' with the correct letters shown.
The 'At' indicates the @ symbol. No spaces are used in the E-mail address.

Contact us to buy a state of the art electronic (solid state) or vintage electromechanical (EM) pinball, EM gun game and coin-op video games or just to set up and inspect a game.

We will respond to your E-mail with additional info (our phone number, etc) were appropriate, after the initial contact.
Personal information is never sold to any third party.
Note: Due to a web-hosting issue, we have lost all of our customer contact information. It was deleted. Please resubmit this information to our new E-mail address. Don't use our old E-Mail Address.

  Requested information common to all first time E-mail correspondence.
Requested=optional. The information provided determines our ability to perform a service call on your game, helps us contact you and provides billing information.
It is never sold to any third party.
Is there a community gate to go through? We need to know how to get through it to service your game.

  Your Name and Phone number, E-mail address, Street address, City, State, Zip, Name of the game,
Game's manufacturer
(If Known), Game type  (Pin/Vid/Gun Game and EM=electromechanical / SS=electronic solid state).
Comments regarding type of service requested and game condition details.

cocktail vidoe game   Information we need to set up a Game repair service call
Name of Game, Type of game, Game manufacturer, Symptoms for each game, Type of service requested (field service, in shop), Customer site type (home, retail shop, other). Comments (regarding type of service requested and game condition details).

video pinball arcades for sale in texas and Austin Arcade game Sales  Purchase an arcade game.
Game Type, Game Name or Title, local town's name. Comments (any useful game condition and other information).

sell us a gameSell us an arcade game
Game Type, Game Name or Title, Game's condition and photos of major parts (Playfield, Backglass, Cabinet, Backbox, Legs,Coin-door).
Comments (any useful game condition and other information).

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