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 Pinball Medic is proud to service, restore and sell coin operated arcade, video game, pinball machines and other amusement equipment in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

 Contact us to set up a repair job, game refurbishment or for information on arcade sales.

We will respond with additional info (phone number, etc) were appropriate, after the initial contact.

 The following is what we would like to receive to set up game services and part shipments.

 Requested information common to all
E-mail correspondence:

Your Name, Phone number,
Street address, E-mail,
Name of game, Game's manufacturer,
Game type (Pin/Vid/Gun Game and EM/SS), Comments regarding type of service requested and game condition details.

 Game repair request. Set up a repair.
 Name of Game, Type of game, Game manufacturer, Symptoms for each game,
Type of service requested (field service, in shop), Customer site type (home, retail shop, other), Comments regarding type of service requested and game condition details.

 Game order (order a game from us).
 Game Type, Game Name or Title, Comments (any useful game condition and other information).

 Sell us a game.
 Game Type, Game Name or Title,
Game's condition and photos

 Parts inquiry/order.
 Game Type, Game Name or Title,
Part Number, Original Part(s) Manufacturer, Quantity of Parts,
Comments (Part Descriptions).

Information about Pinball Medic
in Austin

 For Emergency CODE BLUE Pinball and Arcade game repair, use our contact info below and include "code blue" in the subject or comments field.

 We provide commercial, retail and in home coin operated video and pinball arcade games for sale. Offer monitor repair and replacement, game repair / refurbishments and coin-op arcade parts for video games and pinball machines.

 Our service area includes Austin Texas, Round Rock, Cedar Park and other towns around central Texas.
 We Offer pinball machine, Coin Operated arcade and video game refurbishment, restoration, house call and commercial game repair, refurbished game sales.
 We also offer the Yellow Jacket
pinball dolly and Coin-Op game parts

 Pinball Medic
is one of a very few business left in the United States that can offer both electromechanical (EM) and state of the art electronic (solid state) pinball, EM gun and video game repair.
 Whether you own a commercial arcade, "man cave" or just need an in-home "house call" field service, we provide fast and reliable service, game refurbishment and restoration.
 Contact Pinball Medic today and we will get busy repairing, refurbishing or selling a game.