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in Austin, Texas.

"Fun to Play" Coin operated Arcade Game, EM Gun, Commerce Stimulators and Crane Amusement Coin-Op Games For Sale.

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 Refurbished / Restored Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Arcade Game Sells Inventory

  We have one Crane game titled "Beanbag Buddies" plush toy pickup claw crane game.
 Priced at $650.   Use it for arcade site profit or practice in a man cave.   Manufactured by Smart Industries.
 A 2 foot wide, full height claw toy machine. Perfect for smaller locations! It will easily fit in a "Man Cave" or an arcade game site. Plush toys not included.
 PM installed a new cabinet/marque light and New Locks. Game was tested for proper operation.

Dimensions: H: 66", W: 24", D: 24"     Weight: 275lbs

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 Pinball Medic performs house calls or commercial site coin-op arcade Game Repair

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