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Where is Pinball Medic's located?
Posted 6/18/19 Updated 9/5/19

We are willing to drive, in our service area to do game repair, refurbishment, game inspections and set-up.
FYI: No Austin business performing coin-op repair has a rented shop space because it is too expensive to rent or live here any more.
 We're in South (almost central) Austin, Texas. We can't be any more precise without a shop address. Work is currently being done in a private space.

Please read about what is needed.
Why is there not a phone number posted?
Posted 6/18/19 Updated 8/20/19

A phone would not work without a dedicated responder on it 7/24.
We need an E-mail from you. This gives us time to respond without stopping work to reply to a great number of phone calls or messages.
  We give out our mixed use number to set up service calls or when selling a game, but only after at least one contact E-mail is received.

 Pinball Medic would not get anything done if we could not separate our paid for service calls from all of the free information requests received daily.
Will there ever be a number posted?
Posted 6/26/19 Updated 8/20/19

Contact pageContact us if you have a non profit charity with a suitable place to set up a coin-op shop we could work out of.

Playing Arcades and building a sustainable charity could be the perfect synergy between people having fun and helping our neighbors.
  A business phone number will be posted only after we have a dedicated shop space.
Note: No coin-op repairer has a dedicated shop space in Austin (that could find).

See what we need to know more.

Our phone number is            -           

 Redacted by the Gerrymandered Occulted Purists of America and their fearless leader the 0range Menace
 Redaction was not contested by the Delinquent Neurotic Corporation of America.
What if I need Code Blue service?
Posted 6/22/19 Updated 9/22/19

Code Blue repairThis local service is limited. We get most of our Code Blue requests after our business hours. Your out of luck when everyone has gone home for the day. Business hours: Mon - Fri, 9:AM to 5:PM.
Weekends by appointment only.

We are willing to do some true emergency calls. We just can't do them every hour of every week day.
   If you have a Code Blue service need, E-mail is still going to be the best way to contact us. This is checked often during our business hours.
We understand games can blow a fuse without warning. That is a true emergency during an event. However, waiting for the day of the party to call us about a previously broken arcade is not the best use of anyone's time. It will also cost you a lot more because our labor rate increases with emergency repair.
We are about the only coin-op repairer that will consider dropping everything else to repair a game.
Why not sell new game parts?
Posted 6/20/19 Updated 9/22/19

game parts We don't have the shopping cart software to make selling small parts practical and are not willing to become a parts only site.

Try selling an used EM game or new electronic part. Even if it's to a rare game, no one wants to make it worth the trouble of putting it into a box and shipping it.

This is why only marshmallow firmness playfield rings are now the norm and it makes the excepted quality of new parts the cheapest parts available.
Example: Selling weather stripping for a Beer Seal
 We used to sell more then just rubber rings and monitor capacitor kits.
Ironically, we might have the best coil information page on the web and don't sell coils, switches, motors, monitors or any other new game part not needed for one of our local repair, refurbishments or restorations.

In more then ten years of selling new and used game and electronic parts, we never made enough to pay for the inventory's storage. Selling parts also takes away the labor to do restoration and service calls.

We are left with a marketplace that is too small and too crowded to try and sell parts on the internet, even if we get them from the same sources (most cheap pinball parts come from, China).

Only custom made parts like ball shooter rods have a chance and we don't
have the work space to make them.
Do y'all do game rentals?
Posted 6-20-19 Updated 7/28/19
  Our game inventory is currently 80+ miles away, so NO we don't rent games for parties or for short time personal use.
Instead, we sell refurbished Arcades and Pinball.
video and pinballCan a game be reserved as a prop for a movie or local theatrical production?
Posted 6/23/19 Updated 8/15/19

NO, you can't warehouse raid or cherry pick through our non refurbished games. These are games we intend to refurbish and sell.
 It's possible to do this with enough leeway. We have over 45 arcades and pinball from the 30's to the 90's, and a few old tube radios too.
We could also find coin-op games for a fee.
No games are available if the arcade is to be destroyed in the production of a movie or play.
Will the Yellow Jacket ever be made again?
pinAsking for a friend;))

Posted 6/24/19
 Sure, shop space and new material sources are all that is needed.
Many more models will be available then the original. Including a non hydraulic, never leak and lighter weight version. Perhaps an erector set style to cut down on shipping costs.
Why can't our old E-mail address be used?
Posted 7/1/19 Updated 9/20/19

Contact pageContact P M
The new E-mail address is on our Contact page.
 Our web site hosting provider (Y use this) deleted about 17 years of our
old E-mails four months ago. If you used the old E-Mail address, we probably never received it.
We have changed our E-mail address to something that is not part of our service provider so this cannot happen again (in theory).
What is most needed by Pinball Medic?
Posted 7/1/19 Updated 10/1/19

Note: This answer will change over time.

Contact Pinball Medic in Austin TX TexasDo you work for a religious group, charity or non profit entity? Do you own and rent* tax free property?
*with a low or free rent

Help keep Arcades and especially Pinball alive! (EM and SS)

Together we could create an unique space for people having fun and helping others.

UpdateA 'kick-starter' type of funding may be another option to help us fund and afford our projects without adding ads to this site.
We are needing support for our many projects.

We can help with fund raising for a good cause.
  We need monetary donations , games to tech repair on and help keeping our technical site and all its valuable information to the DIY community updated. Also, help with funding our local family orientated projects.
Pinball Medic needs a permanent space in or close to Austin to work in, to set up a space for arcade Electronics and Coin-Op game repair classes, to repair arcades in and to perhaps build an Arcade for the public to enjoy.
We are willing to teach arcade repair and refurbishment classes (at a low cost), entertain groups of people with free to play (with a cover charge) Pinball and other arcades for a charity, non profit, business partnership or other worthwhile endeavour. We could do more public good if we had a space.
Churches have the ability to buy tax free land and sometimes this land remains unused. A small building on such land could be used to set up a low cost area for coin-op game use and repair. Our work does not require any hazardous material other then painting. We would not do this kind of work at this location.

Combined, we can build sustainable public good, provide skill enhancement to Texas youth, set up a safe place for children and adults to build connections and to experience having FUN while learning something usefull!
Why no social media presence?
Posted 7/6/19 Updated 9/14/19

We would only have news on these sites and barely have the time to update our main and tech tips pages. We don't see much of a benefit to using social media.

All that would need to happen is for Congress to pass many privacy laws and data protections for us to think about using this media.
Laws and our government have not kept up with technology. No one has asked; 'Should we do everything we technically can do?'. Even Europe can see this is wrong and is doing something about it.
As you can tell, we don't have any strong opinions about this subject.
 We cannot process invitations to join Lumped In, Frequently Bad, G we're evil, Y use this and all other 'social' groups.
We will not expose our customers and employes to something ironically called 'social'. If personal data is kept forever, you are spied on and personally diminished all in the name of targeted advertising or simply greed, then these are not social entities. Instead they simply destroy Society. History and recent news of these sites have completely vindicated our concern and actions. See Ads question for more information.

We have considered, in the past, using Facing Break up's market to help sell refurbished arcades. We may be forced into reevaluating them as a way to sell games without a showroom.
We recently tried Criminal's League and got 98 percent scummy replies.
Most were bad bots or fraudulent Cashier's Check schemes. One would think AI or simply scanning for the words 'Cashier's Check' would help stop this conduct.
Why are there no ads?
Posted 7-9-19 Updated 9-22-19

Pinball Medic is currently researching alternative financial resources and increasing the number of content contributors to facilitate updating our sites and to provide pertinent technical informational web pages.

Contact pageContact us if you would like to add comments or support our technical Q and A and other projects.

We prefer to Request donations, sponsors and use other means to keep our web development team fed and our sites on the web.

Please, don't hesitate to become a sponsor and/or provide
feedback or advise.

This site is not going to be covered up like a race car with ads. We're not going to print all the information that will fit between the advertisements and would exclude ads from non coin-op related businesses.

Note: Patreon has been suggested as an alternative to ads.

Note 2: We are also thinking about starting a kick-starter to help us find and afford a shop or project work space. Most likely outside of Austin.
 Advertisement, like Taxes, has the power to destroy. In this case, our site's popularity and readability.
Pinball Medic will most likely not include advertisements on our Arcade
main repair and refurbishment service pages. However, they could appear on our tech information site, a separate sponsor page or the nuclear option, an irritating scroll bar.
We could start charging (paywall, subscriptions) to view our tech information pages. Like any for profit business, we need to make money on everything we do. We don't gain anything by providing free technical how to's and other free information. We like providing this service to the hobbyist and even professional repairmen in the field. Pinball Medic doesn't want to charge fees or inject a profit motive into our now free technical advise. However, we may be forced to do so because of current and future business realities.
We are trying our best to never have ads on this site. If only we could get some support. No decisions about this have been made. This is only a thought experiment at this time.

On non affiliated sites, we have found our non-updated old tech tips, how to's and coil data pages scraped and converted to PDF.
We lose revenue from all the lost eyeballs not reading our website and donating to the cause, or eventually calling us for arcade repair or other services. This loss of readership and the costs of updating our sites are the main reasons we may be forced to add advertisement.
What is our reason for being?
Posted 7-28-2019 Updated 9-14-2019

This is what we enjoy doing, fixing Arcades and meeting the creatively strange, the well-off or people on their last quarter, just like their arcade game.

 If Austin is no longer weird, at least we still are!

 Pinball Medic was forged out of a large Coin-Op arcade game collection and game repair hobby.
It was all started over thirty years ago with a few electromechanical pinball games and some classic electronic arcade games.
This included a pinball (Space Mission) and two EM gun arcades (Duck Hunt, Bonanza).
 The obsession (hobby) grew to over 40 pinball machines and 20 classic video arcade games and is still growing to this day.
CRT monitor With years of coin operated game repair and refurbishment experience, a college degree and a professional career in the design, use and repair of industrial electronics, Pinball Medic decided to give something back to the coin operated games of their youth and to the people and their children who cherish them by providing a lifetime of experience resurrecting coin operated games - both old and new.

pinball As a double bonus, we are able to repair, refurbish, restore, sell and even play coin-op games on the job!
  Pinball Medic's mission is simply to keep classic games playing and providing new and older generations the privilege of mastering the complexities of any given game, perhaps learning life's mysteries or to simply save our 'Fun' heritage for future generations.
'If you like what you do then you have never worked a day in your life. '
We really like this stuff, but may not be doing this work forever.
People no longer have the room or money for an in the home arcade game room.
Children of recent generations have never known the joy of playing a dedicated full sized arcade. This is why we would like to set up a space for families to get back to their youth or to share it with others.
See our what is needed question for more information.

<Rant> A smart phone still can't complete with an eight bit arcade.
Better graphics can't make up for poor game design. Phones don't have the depth, ingenuity, or craftsmanship of a classic arcade. Most button pushers don't have the mad skills either to beat a coin operated arcade.
Try one and find out for yourself. </Rant>

This is just the tip of the globally warmed melting iceberg as to why we still work on even the oldest relay operated to modern Arcades.
They were fun when manufactured and are the same now.
Is there a good shop outside of Pinball Medic's service area?
Posted 7/18/19 Updated 8/27/19

Note: OK, we have (at least one time) taken too long to finish a playfield swap because we got slammed with house call repair jobs. We are not completely free from our own limitations.

A short story:
We had a Code Blue service call on an electronic pinball that was due to be auctioned the next day. After only a few minutes we found an overly battery acid damaged Bally MPU board that was not serviceable.
We didn't have a working used or new replacement board. A new $200 board is expensive to keep in our inventory at all times.
We spent the next two hours trying to either find one locally or order a new replacement overnight.
No luck. These boards are notoriously battery acid damaged beyond repair. This is why there is a new replacement board on the market.

One company we contacted advertised Austin Arcade repair but was located in Marble Falls (at least 1.5 hours away). They told us they would look around for the board and call us RIGHT back.
We had to call them to get an update after waiting a long time. They did this twice and didn't ever intend to call us back either time.
This and all the other bad business tactics and complete incompetence (in our opinion) we encountered on just this one local business search makes the coin-op repair community look really bad.

We had another 'local' business suggest to us:
'Simply remove and reinstall all of the chips',
without replacing the sockets or the chips on this badly acid damage MPU board.
That might work for a hour, day or two, but that's not repairing the board in any meaningful way! That's just unethical in our opinion.

Look at our CCC page to view what we find inside of games and how others will 'restore' your Arcade.
 It turns out there isn't an alternative that we can find.
Here are some reasons why.

NOTE: Please read the short story on the left side of this answer before reading further.

The situation described was made much worse because no one locally knew what a DASH 35 board was! This is an universal coin-op industry standard abbreviation of the Bally MPU part number that was used for more then a decade (saying Bally MPU from an 1978 pin wasn't good enough).

This is not a personal attack on any one person or business. This is what was observed during our search for a MPU board. We didn't know the extent of degradation that has taken over the local coin-op community until we started our search for this part.

There seems to be vast differences (as wide as the wealth gap in this country) in technical and ethical business knowledge between coin operated arcade game repair shops and even game sellers. For legal reasons, we will not list the shops we contacted.
Our difference is we do not intensionally 'hack' a repair job, do incompetent work or charge way too much for a game that will break in a few days. These have never been tactics Pinball Medic has ever used!
We also know at least the obvious technical skills required to repair arcades (We know much more then the basics).

In contrast, many shops don't even know the minimal basics and should NOT be allowed to work on your game(s).
We can't recommend another shop and it's not because we don't want to help our fellow coin-op shops. It's because that in some cases, it would not be good for your Arcade.
Why are there some games Pinball Medic will not work on?
Updated 9/22/19

A) It's illegal to work on a gambling game that is not at least 30 years old.
This includes one armed bandits, Skill Slots, 8-liners, gambling devices like slots and any other equipment that bets can be made on the outcome of the game.

C) Lets talk truth to power, classic video, EM gun, full sized Arcade games and pinball machines are what we know and like repairing.
Don't fault us for wanting to repair only the best Arcades.
 Take your pick. They're all legit.

B) Home use only (no coin door on the game) and most of the non-main stream game manufacturers can't be repaired. No spare parts are available.
Home Use were also designed to fail after just a few years. This includes multi game Arcades from department stores and other cheaply made JAMA/MAME games.

D) It sucks fix'n crane, bowling and Pachinko games. Usually the manufacturer has changed names so they can't be sued over poor quality manufacturing and design. There is no documentation (schematics and adjustment information) and no way to get spare parts. Each game is built using nonstandard circuit boards and other main assemblies.
This is also why we don't repair Money Change machines or Dollar Bill Accepters.
Why not hire a web site developer for

Posted 9/5/19

This is a very weird local business with people that like to "role their own" jobs, be self motivated and above all satisfied about what they know and accomplish.

Spending money on fixing something that we think is not broken would also not make anyone
happy here.
 To allow a non local employee to 'F'-up spellling, grammar, XHTML coding and relinquish control of this site would be abhorrent to us.
We have lots of fun spending hours coding and tip searching for ways to improve this site's optimization.

As a consolation prize, we are NOT supporting the trend to make all web pages exactly the same, cut and pasted or rehashed.

Note: See Why no ads What's needed by us
Why no social media presence and almost any other F.A.Q. on this page for more information.
Why is this FAQ so different in tone then our other pages?
Posted 9/22/19

The Daily Grind
(caused by other repair shops and sometimes game owners):
Degreasing plastic parts, replacing rusty game balls left installed in a competitor's overly priced, but still was sold Pinball, bad solder joints, game owner's repair/refurbishment, removing overbright playfield LEDs and replacing them with good old #47 bulbs (the way GOD intended an EM pin to be). See this page for some headache inducing game destruction.
  We're spilling what we're feeling.

After a long, hard day of re-repairing other shop's work, getting blocked from starting a field service call by a locked community gate well beyond Austin's city limits, or just getting ripped off by a 'Box' News watching (24/7) radicalized former customer. We like to steam out by expanding the Iterated Inquiries.

This page may irritate some with the truth the way we see it. In fact, this page was almost called 'Iterated Irritations'.
What alternative acronyms could be made from
'P.I.N.B.A.L.L. M.E.D.I.C.' ?
Posted 10/15/19






 OK, not the best use of our limited time, but we'll take on this challenge.

Living room







Climate / culture
What did we all learn from these pubescent insightful noteworthy banters in logic lunacy? Maybe everything deserves increased clarity.
1) We somehow thought this would be fun to do. It's not!
2) Acronyms for 'PINBALL' are harder to create then for 'MEDIC' because of the word length deference and the 'LL'.
3) Creating acronyms is not our best skill, repairing, refurbishing and selling arcades are and we should get back to working on them.
4) It is really hard to not make them all political.
5) Acronym finder is somewhat helpful.
for looking up W.A.S.P. = Woman Against Stoned People. - Remember what movie that comes from?

Now is your chance to add to this section. Send an E-mail with your suggestions.

Next, we may pick whom in this current and the potential administrations seems to match with the classic 'dark side of the force' movie characters.
Examples: Jar(squared)=Dump (No one should work, care about or tolerate this person. No one currently in this admin seems to be smart/evil enough to be the emperor, but T's trying. Maybe Puutn is the behind the scenes emperor); Drk.V.=the Turtle (he might breath heavily at times because he seems old, blocks the rebel scum (dems) from destroying the emperor and his evil plans of stuffing the judiciary); Boba.F.=Mr. T.'s (we pity this fool) personal lawyer (goes around assn. people's character and kiss'n Orangey's as*); Princess 'L'=War-en or Barn-e (trying to warn us about pending doom); Land-o=Bidn (Tries to do good, but bad at everything he tries).
OK then who's our 'only hope'?
Possibly more to come.
What amazing question will be posted next?  We promise more FAQ to come. They're sure to anger a few and inform the many (as it should be).
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