Pinball game rom prom programing PINBALL AND ARCADE GAME ROM PROGRAMMING  We can no longer program/burn game roms.

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Plus the cost of the prom integrated circuit chip if needed.
 Game ROM Shipping is included in the programming price.

 Most Game ROMs loose their program data over time and just need to be reprogrammed. It only takes one bit change out of potentially millions inside a game ROM to cause a machine to stop functioning properly or not function at all.

 All proms will be verified on a EPROM test device after programming and will then be installed on the MPU board.
 We can not guarantee the board will work inside the game as we can not determine the condition and use of the board prior to receiving it.

 Pinball Medic can do pinball board repair only if authorized by the game owner.
 See our Pinball Board repair page at PINBALL BOARD REPAIR
 (16k to 512K sizes)
Williams system 4-11,WPC,WPC-95,Most early Bally,Stern,Data East - Saga pinball games
$527c4001(4 meg),27c1001(1 meg)Williams-WPC,WPC-95
$52532 (32k) Replaces 9332 roms very rare, getting harder to find.
 This is a limited availability EPROM Chip.
Williams system 6 - 7,Speech - Sound boards,early SS pinballs from Bally,Stern, Chicago Coin. Used to replace one of the Williams flipper rom and a number of Classic Video Arcade Game roms.


 27c010 (1 meg)
 27c040 (4 meg)
 27c080 (8 meg)

Used on Late model
Pinball Machines
 (1990 - later)
PINBALL MEDIC will not program the following:
 Gottlieb, Premier, Atari pinballs Game ROM
 The following chips types: 2708, TTL logic or Masked ROM
Prices are for each chip.  EPROM Chip Pin Outs

  Prices are for chips from the same game. We do not sell erased / blank PROM chips.

   We do not charge for the program code, only the programming of the PROM.

   CPU board jumper settings may need to be changed for some prom sizes and types.

 Every effort has been made to in sure the quality of our EPROM chips and the data that they hold. However, Pinball Medic is not responsible for damage to the game from the use of these EPROM chips.

*Replacement of the bad orange type of enclosed chip sockets is mandatory for proper game operation.

 **The limited supply of some hard to find EPROM chips and large EPROM sizes may affect the cost of each chip.

 ***Pinball Medic charges $3 for a new machined chip socket and a $10 per socket installation fee.

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