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Empty Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball game cabinet for sell in Austin, Texas.
Price - $200

Coin door is included. Playfield glass is not included.

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This empty cabinet has been sold. (3/1/15)
backbox left side backbox words backbox front veiw coin door hole
Dracula cabinet sideart right side Dracula cabinet side art left side Dracula inside cabinet Dracula bottom of cabinet
coin door front BS DraculaDracula empty cab coin door back side

Empty Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball cabinet for sale in Austin, Texas

Game's Condition
This empty cabinet would be great for a Dracula pinball cabinet swap out. It's got almost perfect game side and backbox artwork.

Both right and left cabinet side arts are in great shape except for some under leg damage.
This issue can be hidden with leg protectors.

Both left and right sides of backbox look the same. We will try and get a photo of the right side of the backbox posted.

Playfield glass is not included, however, playfield glass edge slides are NOT crimped and are in good shape.

Coin door has the three test switches and a wiring harness but doesn't include a coin mechanism.
However, a secondary key switch was added by the previous owner to give free credits instead of just setting the game in "free play" mode with a game software adjustment. We don't know why this was done.

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