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Tournament CYBERBALL 2072
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These games are not refurbished and therefore are not ready to be sold.

One of the most requested video arcade games. These arcades are the rare four player cabinet style. Pinball Medic now has three of these games in inventory.
However, only one currently works. Two of them need to have items repaired or restored and we will probably be parting out on of these games to repair the other two.
The power supply to main circuit board wire connector must be replaced as these games are continuously resetting. This is a very common problem that should not recur after these game are refurbished.
All of the six monitors (in total) are in good shape, but need to be recapped. A monitor recap should keep them operating for years to come.
One of these games needs the side of the control panel replaced. This is a cosmetic repair and does not include cabinet or control panel artwork.

Stock Photos (not of actual games)
Actual photos of all three games will be posted when refurbishment is done.

Front of game Cyberball 2072 for sale front side of game
Front side Cyberball 2072 for sale
Left Front side Cyberball 2072 for sale left side
Right side Cyberball 2072 for sale right side

Four player Cyberball 2072.

Cyberball is a seven-on-seven football game played with robots instead of humans.
Up to four people can select plays and attempt to either outscore the computer or each other. Scoring touchdowns awards money for upgrading robots.
The game was made by Atari in 1989 and features two 19 inch monitors and amplified stereo sound. The custom sound board in this game produces more sounds then the one monitor version of this game.

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