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(Sales Tax is not included in price, nor is the new L.E.D. display board this game needs to be functional.)
This pinball has been removed from our "games for sale" inventory.

We need to restart a complete refurbishment of this game.
Pinball Medic would like to sell this game locally and avoid all the shipping costs and labor to build a crate for this pinball.

We will again offer this game for sale as soon as the refurbishment is completed sometime early next year. We will then process buyers on a first come, first processed basis. The game's price will be adjusted for the new parts costs.

Note: Shipping costs do not include crating.

Discription of Game:
Playfield and Side-Art had a lot of 'protective' dirt on them, but cleaned up very nicely. Scoreboard glass is perfect.
Ramps are no longer cloudy after the playfield was cleaned (cloudy ramps shown in photos).

All photos are of the actual non-refurbished arcade game.
Any board repair work (display electronics replacement) and further playfield refurbishment (insert decals, clown's eyes) on the game will be applied before this game is available for sale.

All photos are of the game BEFORE we started a complete game refurbishment.
This game was very dirty when we started but all the clear ramps (came out totally clear), side art, coin door have cleaned up very well.

cyclone backglass
Cyclone Backglass Cyclone pinball playfield
Playfield with the playfield glass and hold-down bar removed. Playfield is complete,
but dirty. cyclone coin door
The white substance on the left side of the game and on the coin-door is from a dirty kids' hands and did clean right off. Coin door has been painted and a new lock installed. cyclone eyes
Hold down bar is in good shape. coin door cabinet
Only damage on the cabinet is this small spot just below the coin-door. We will be filling this spot and retouching the side art. We should be able to repair this damage to like new condition.
closeup missing clown eyes
The clown's eyes have been warn. The replacement stickers are about $10 a set.
We will be installing new clown eyes and insert decals
cyclone pinball playfield
Complete playfield. All Ramps are in good shape. This is very rare for the ramps to survive. We will be installing ramp protectors during the pinball's refurbishment.
cyclone pinball inserts
The lacquer on the inserts will be removed and a new insert sticker set will be installed. cyclone ring side ramps
Right side of Playfield cyclone top of playfiled
Top Ramp. All plastic ramps are now clear after cleaning. cyclone bottom of playfield
Bottom of playfield. cyclone wheel
Top side of wheel. Good sticker set. cyclone pinball underside of wheel
Bottom of Wheel has a new drive belt and is in great shape. cyclone upper pf
Upper ramp. clyclone backbox side art
Close Up of the left back box side art. The dirt on the Williams logo has been removed. Cyclone score board glass
Score board glass. Two of these display tubes will be replaced.
Display electronics have been rebuilt. cyclone pinball right side backbox art
Right hand side art. It is just as bright as the left hand side. The camera does not like to take photos of objects that are in shadows cyclone pinball right side cabnet side art
Right Hand side art. another cyclone left side are shot
Left side art. ramp
This ramp entrance is always broken on a Cyclone because of the way the ball hits the ramp's edge. This is were the ramp protector will be installed. All photos are of the actual non-refurbished arcade game.
Game will be refurbished prior to game sale.
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cyclone ser number
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