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Harley Davidson third edition pinball

Game has been sold

This game has approximately 460 plays on it!

Re-release of Stern's 1999 'Harley-Davidson' pinball with new art and chrome trim. Reportedly, there were only 300 units made (this number has not been confirmed by us).
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Slingshots (2), 4-bank drop targets (2), Stand-up targets (4), Spinning target (1), Ramp (1), Cellar hole (1), Shaker motor, Up-post between flippers. The up-post is controlled by both the machine and the player.
Toys: Traffic light. Three Harley motorcycles, one of which does a wheelie on the playfield when it raises to kick out balls from underneath.

Pinball Medic does not own this game and this pinball has not been refurbished by us. It is currently in San Antonio and can be brought to Austin, Texas for delivery.

Actual game photos.
Harley Davidson Third Edition backbox scoreboard glass Harley Davidson 3rd ed powered on harley davidson 3 edition playfield
Harley Davidson ed3 wholegame Harley Davidson Third Edition pinball playfield Harley Davidson 3ed bottom half playfield
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