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Austin, Texas.
This game is sold.
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Theatre of Magic for sale artwork
(Actural game photos)

Bally's T.O.M. Theatre of Magic pinball for sale
total playfield and backbox of TOM Theatre of magic pinball machine
Theatre of magic pinball.
TOM backglass natral lite Theatre of Magic pinball backglass score board glass Pinball Medic
T.O.M. Backglass
(in natural light).
Backglass and DMD Theatre of Magic pinball
TOM backglass
tom playfield topside Theatre of magic pinball machine
Theatre of Magic playfield.
playfield underside of tom Theatre of magic pinball
TOM Playfield underside.
lift side backbox side artwork
TOM left backbox sideart.
TOM pinball circuit boards
TOM Williams WPC system boards
(in good condition).
Flipper area close up
Close up of the flipper area.
coin door and front artwork for the TOM pinball Theatre of magic
Coin Door T.O.M. pinball.
Theatre of Magic lift side artwork
Left sideart.
lift side art near backbox backside
Left side art
(back corner by the backbox).
right side artwork
Right side-art.
electro magnet trunk tom
Electromagnet and Trunk.
trunk Theatre magic pinball part playfield
T.O.M. Magic Trunk.
bottom section of playfield Theatre of magic pinball
Bottom section of TOM pinball playfield.
This is a very low number of total plays Theatre of Magic pinball machine.