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Pinball for sale
$2900 or best offer.
Selling "as-is". We can refurbish this game after the sell.
Four player solid state pinball made by Williams in 1988.
Posted 3/14/20 (Happy PI day!)

Photos of this Cyclone pinball machine for sale.
More photos at bottom of page.
another scoreboard glass view cyclone pinball game cyclone pinball information
Cyclone Backglass.

On site or In Home Game Service

In Repair Shop or at Home Repair rates.
Payment is via Cash or local Check (after waiting period) at the time of sell.

About Pinball Medic

cyclone pinball playfield full
Full playfield view.
Glass was removed to take photo. Close-up playfield photos are at bottom of page.

Cyclone is a 4 player SS pinball made by Williams in 1988. Artwork by: Python Anghelo.

This pinball has no flipper scrapes or broken playfield plastics.
Playfield is 9.5+ out of 10. Game plays fast and is easy to learn. Very well built Williams pinball machine.

Features: Mechanical Backbox Animation.
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (2), Drop target (1), Scoop (1), Ball kicker (1), Rotating playfield Ferris wheel (1). Shooter channel has elevated skill shot to drop ball to a kicker which propels ball into play. The drop target guards a cellar hole which feeds the scoop. Mini-post screw between flippers. Mechanical backbox animation
(Ferris wheel revolves).
Game Condition: This game is being sold as-is. Pinball Medic can be hired to repair/refurbish this game only after it is sold.
Their are no broken or missing playfield plastics. Including the two clear plastic ramps at the top of the playfield.
No flipper scrapes! No side art flaking or fading. Just some protective dirt to remove.
This game is a great candidate for a refurbishment with only basic playfield cleaning/waxing, installation of a rubber ring kit and circuit board inspection/repair required to make this game play for a very long time.
All glass on this game is in good condition including the backglass translite and playfield glass.
No coils are burnt and are all working.
Game has all keys and lockes (keyed alike).
All system boards are present and are currently working as indicated by game play. Except for display board.
The installed display board can be either repaired or replaced with a new circuit board.
Player four's display is non-functional. Score display tube replacement is possible. An all LED version of this board is manufactured.
The pinball boots with a Factory Setting Restored error. After this issue is manually cleared, the pinball is fully playable with sounds and working flippers.
No game legs or leg bolts
(Again, these are easy to get new.)
The playfield and the inside bottom of the cabinet are dirty with solenoid dust. No refurbishment has been done to this game.
Start button is stuck in the open position. Game can be started by pushing the start switch inside of the cabinet. These parts can be replaced or adjusted to work again.
The backbox lock is not working because of non use. After this lock has been cleaned, board inspection can be done.
New game ball is required. This is a one ball game.
Bottom of playfield Cyclone pinball
Full playfield view of this Cyclone pinball.
Playfield glass was taken off to reduce glare in photo. It is in good condition.
Mid section of Cyclone pinball playfield
Middle section of playfield.
There is a distortion starting in the middle of this photo. It is NOT a playfield issue. The playfield is in nice shape, but dirty.
Top of playfield cyclone
Top of playfield.
All plastic ramps don't have ball damage. This is rare for this game.
score board plastic
The fourth player display is not working. It's probably an outgased score display tube.
A new LED version of this board is available and easy to install.
We didn't take any display photos when the game was powered on (Doh!).
No flipper scrapes and perfect clown face
No flipper scraps and one happy clown!
cyclone discription
Another view of scoreboard glass.
Right side art of this cyclone pinball
Right side cab artwork.
Left side art
Left side art.
The left side backbox artwork is just as good as the right side. The Sun kept us from taking a good photo of it.
Backside of backbox and cyclone pinball
Backside cabinet artwork.
Coin door cyclone
Coin Door.
Full view of playfield.
Wheel working
Ferris Wheel is working.