Gauntlet Dark Legacy arcade for sale
Pinball Medic in Austin, Texas.

Don't miss out on a classic rare game, a pandemic depression cure and a Man Cave must have!

New year's Price $2800.

This is the classic, last game in the series, arcade designed by Midway Games and built by Atari.
It's ready to fight any rival and is very addictive to play. It will bring in bucks of quarters in an arcade or can be set for free play for the Man Cave.

It uses a huge 39 inch CRT monitor. Four players can play at the same time with its 49 way joy sticks and three buttons per player.
Currently set up to accept quarters on both coin slots.

This game has an Oct. 30, 1998 manufacture date. Game photos are of actual arcade for sale.

Dark Legacy doubled the amount of characters and Realms. It added many new monsters to destroy and items to collect. The game's speed was increased, comes with new effects graphics and they increased the game's resolution. The most profound difference was additional Realms and many more foes to battle. It all adds up to a very entertaining arcade experience.

This game is a full sized upright arcade. It uses a main upright cabinet and a four player detachable control box. The upright section weighs at least 500 pounds. The controls weighs about 150 pounds. Due to the size of this game, a local sell is needed and will require a box truck with a lift to be rented. This game has five inch wheels, however, stairs would be impossible to go over.

Full Sized Gauntlet Dark Legacy arcade images
Gauntlet Dark Legacy's marquee
gauntlet dl marquee
Marquee close up
G DL sideart back
Backside + left side Side Art
another left side art photo
Same left side artwork / monitor
CRT monitor working

Right side side art and full monitor photos will be posted soon.

Click images to see Larger sized photos.

The right side art is even better then the left side. Both sides show the typical wear of being in an arcade.
It's hard to take a right side photo without moving the main heavy upright game section.
The fan guard on the back side of this game is now installed.
A video of this game working will be here as soon as we can find a way to produce it. Cameras and CRT monitors don't get along too well.
All three keys to unlock the five locks on this game will be provided opon sell.
All game manuals including a monitor manual are included.

Working 39 inch Game Monitor.
Our camera can't take images of this huge 39 inch CRT monitor.
It looks much sharper then a photo indicates.
Game's Coin Doors
A coin vault door lock will be added.
Controls + Coin Doors
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