Pinball Medic
Pinball has been sold on 2/6/2020.
Asked for $1500 Sold for $1300.
One player electro-mechanical (EM) pinball.
Photos of ICE-REVUE pinball
Machine was for sale in Austin, Texas.
Ice-revue flyer
Ice-Revue pinball game description.
backglass ice revue pinball fvBackglass
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ice-revue full pinball view
Full game view.
Ice-Revue is an one player EM made by Gottlieb in 1965. Artwork by: Roy Parker.
This pinball has no flipper scrapes or broken playfield plastics.
Playfield is 9.5+ out of 10. Game plays fast, but is easy to learn. Very well built Gottlieb EM pinball machine.
New game balls and a new playfield rubber ring kit where added to this pinball (not shown in pictures).
Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Passive bumper (1), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (6), Kick-out holes (2), Dual outlanes. Backglass light animation (spotlights rotate on ice skaters as playfield hole values change). 3 or 5 ball play.
Full playfield of this Ice-Revue pinball
Full playfield view of this Ice-Revue pinball. Playfield glass was broken and non-tempered. We're looking for a good used replacement, or will sell this game without one. It's easy to get new one.
ice-revue playfield topIce-Revue top of playfield. ice revue pinball playfield middel
Ice revue pinball playfield mid-section.
ice-revue pinball apron flipper ball shooter lane Flipper and ball shooter lane. Flipper area of ice-revue pinball for sale in Austin TX
No flipper scraps.
coin door of ice revue pinball
Game has both the 5 cent and Quarter coin mechs.
right cab side artwork Right side cab artwork. right side art ice-revue right backbox side artwork
Left and Right backbox side art.
left side art cabinet
Left side cabinet artwork.
backglass center ice revue Center of scoreboard glass.
Damage has been stabilized.
scoreboard glass ice-revue Full view of backbox glass (scoreboard glass). backglass pinball ice-revue lit Backglass has some stabilized flaking.
A new backglass is less then $300 for this pinball.
This damage does not effect game play and can be decreased by removing the light bulbs behind it.
Although, this would not be recommended by Pinball Medic
em playfield bottom view of ice-revue pinball
Bottom side of playfield.
relay board of ice-revue pinball
Relay board and clean inside cabinet.
back door of backbox on ice-revue pinball wedge head
Original backbox door.
back of backbox score reels stepper units Score reels, bells, stepper units all work. ball view of ice-rvue pinball electromechanical pinball
Ball view.
Full game lit ICE-REVUE pinball
ice revue pinball schematic included