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We restore the full sized FUN of both Arcades and Pinball machines!

Austin, Texas based Pinball Medic has 30 plus years of experience providing expert pinball and arcade repair. We offer refurbishment, restoration and routine maintenance of coin operated pinball machines, video games and other classic amusement arcades. Antique, vintage and very retro electromechanical (EM) to modern digital electronic (SS) Coin-Op equipment for sale.

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Business hours: Mon. - Fri., 8:AM to 5:PM. Weekends by appointment only
Service area is a 35 mile radius from the center of Austin, Texas.


Pinball Medic reliably performs pinball and arcade game repairs, refurbishment, restoration, upgrading, modification, preventive maintenance, overhaul, customizing, arcade set-up, Coin-op game inspection of arcades at our shop, at arcades and on location including in the home service calls.

Repair and Refurbishments of Pinball, Video and Arcade We Buy Arcades / Texas Radar

arcade refurbishment service Austin Pinball Medic works especially on Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Gameplan, Genco, Midway, Namco, Premier, Sega, Williams, old and new Stern and many other manufacturers of coin operated pinball, video and arcade machines.

We can diagnose and repair most problems in the field, at your home "house calls" and perform coin-op game route work too.

Don't forget to use a full refurbishment to quicken the sell of your game. Restoration and refurbishments can tremendously increase a game's resell value and dependability.

If more 'intensive care' is appropriate, our specialties include on site and in the home refurbishments, "house call" repairs and arcade field service.
We provide
game refurbishment at almost any location in our service area.
Pinball Medic uses appropreate pandemic PPE while working on your game.

Arcade repair Do you already have the perfect collection in your game room?

Are you experiencing technical difficulties?

Our expert game technicians can resurrect your dead or just hanging onto its last quarter video game, arcades and pinball machines.

We are open for business Games we are currently selling.

What GAMEs PM is selling or wanting.

Dipsy Doodle - A 4 player EM pinball to either provide parts or a better replacement game for a customer.

We are selling Pinball machines!

Contact Pinball Medic about our inventory before they're sold.

Pinball Medic Established 2003 in Austin, TX.

SS=Solid State electronic.
No "Home" use only (no coin door) games, gambling devices, Pachinko, game consoles or any other non coin operated games repaired or refurbished.

A separate company must be hired to move full sized arcade games to and from our shop.

Local Arcade, pinball and video game repair, pinball machine and video game maintenance, refurbishment, restoration, repair. Coin-Op games for sale near me. Aarcade sells on commission or consignment, arcade game inspection, Pinball Medic located in Austin, TX.

Pinball machine and Video game refurbishment processes.

Pinball Medic will not pick up or deliver a game on a day that has the slightest of chances of precipitation.
Check with the Austin, Texas
weather radar before making an appointment.

Welcome to our 80's style site.

Info on Covid-19

We have for sale pinball video arcade games new used in austinWe sell classic refurbished, restored and gently used
Pinball and Video games. Low cost full sized Arcade Game set-up and inspection are also provided services. Including installation of pinball legs, NOS and NEW game unboxing, monitor adjustment, coin operated game testing and setting game operation.

Wanted to buy pinball and video arcadesWanted Dead or alive! Working or not. Exclusively full sized coin operated arcade, video games and pinball machines. Part out games are always welcomed.
Privately owned games can be sold 'as-is' using our web site and E-mail lists dedicated to coin-op sells. All of our arcades, video arcade games and pinball machines go through either our Pinball or Video arcade game refurbishment processes before they are offered for sale.

Pinball Medic greatly appreciates your interest in our company, our web sites and what we offer to the coin operated Arcade room and Collector communities.

Daily Repair Tasks
House Calls
for Pinball and Video game repair, cleaning, polishing and waxing of the playfield. Either as a field service call or in the shop job. This takes hours when done right. Testing and adjusting game devices and playfield mechanisms. Replacing rubber rings and pop bumpers. Replacing burned-out light bulbs or swapping out #44 to the cooler #47 bulbs. Installing new game balls. This is something some shops will not do.
Replacing broken or worn-out game parts. Overhauling a playfield including full tear-down, cleaning\reconditioning, refurbishment and restoration. Rebuilding flippers, sling shots and bumpers. Repairing and replacing electronic circuit boards and mechanical game parts.
Upgrading electronics. Replacing capacitors resisters, chips and circuit board components in older/aging amusement equipment. Replacing overheated connectors, wiring and contact switches in both SS and EM arcades. General game "tune-ups", adjustments and setup.
Full amusement game refurbishment of EM and SS arcades. Monitor rebuilds and cap kit installation.
Video game power supply conversions (from linear to switching mode), rebuilds and replacement.

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