Professional repair and refurbishment of coin operated arcade, video game and pinball. Serving the greater Austin and central Texas areas.  We have Pinball and arcade games for sale.
 Pinball Medic reliably services and sells vintage classic to modern arcade games from EM electromechanical to SS Electronic Coin-Op arcade attractions. We have more then 25 years experience working on coin operated arcades and other amusement equipment.
Competent Coin Operated Arcade, Pinball Repair, Restoration and Refurbishment. Coin-Op game Sells.
Machines for sale
Dot matrix display
In Austin, Texas.

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  Central Park
 An EM Pinball on sale now.
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  service repair arcade gamesArcade Repair
We repair and sell pinball and Video games by Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan, Genco, Midway, Premier, Sega, Williams, old and new Stern and many other arcade manufactures, both EM and SS game types.
Payment is via Cash or local Check at the time of Service.  Business hours: Mon. - Fri, 9:AM to 5:PM. Established in 2003. EM=Electromechanical, SS=Solid State electronic. No "Home" use only (no coin door) games repaired or refurbished.
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coinop disastersCoin-Op Disasters

pinball for sale We sell and buy fully refurbished coin
operated Pinball  classic video games and arcades.

 We do House Calls.  Our specialties include
in the home or arcade site field service and complete game refurbishments.

 We diagnose and repair most problems in the field

 Low cost Coin operated Game set-up is also a provided service. Including (but not limited to) installation of pinball legs and game unboxing, testing of game operation and adjustment of game and monitor settings.
Note: A separate company must be hired to move a game.

video pinball repair refurbishment in texas and Austin If you already have the perfect game room and are experiencing 'technical difficulties', we can help resurrect your dead or just hanging onto its last quarter Video game, Arcade or Pinball machine. Whether the full sized coin operated arcade is electromechanical or electronic.

 If more 'intensive care' is appropriate, we offer complete in the shop coin operated amusement game refurbishment and restoration.

We buy pinball video arcade games new used austin We sell arcades.
Updated infoPinball Medic currently has a nice Gottlieb Central Park
pinball for sale priced at $850.
A classic one player electromechanical game with backbox animation (Monkey hits bell when 100 points are scored).

Weather Map for Local Delivery/Pickup. Both game repair technicians and wood crafted arcade games tend to break apart when rained on.
Pinball Medic will not pick up or deliver a game on a day that has the slightest of chances of precipitation. Check with the Austin, Texas weather radar before making an appointment.
Daily Repair Tasks

 House Calls
for Pinball and Video game repair.
 Cleaning, polishing and waxing of the playfield. Either as a field service call or in the shop job. This takes hours when done right.
 Testing and adjusting game devices and playfield mechanisms.
 Replacing rubber rings and pop bumpers.
 Replacing burned-out light bulbs or swapping out #44 to the cooler #47 bulbs.
 Installing new game balls
This is something some shops will not do.
 Replacing broken or worn-out game parts.
 Overhauling a playfield including full tear-down, cleaning\reconditioning, refurbishment and restoration.
 Rebuilding flippers, sling shots and bumpers.
 Repairing and replacing electronic circuit boards and mechanical game parts.
 Upgrading electronics. Replacing capacitors resisters, chips and circuit board components in older/aging amusement equipment.
 Replacing overheated connectors, wiring and contact switches in both SS and EM arcades.
 General game "tune-ups", adjustments and setup.
 Full amusement game refurbishment of EM and SS arcades.
 Monitor rebuilds and cap kit installation.
 Video game power supply  conversions (from linear to switching mode), rebuilds and replacement.
We pay for arcadesPinball Medic buys what we sell.

Wanted: (Dead or Alive) coin operated Pinball, video and arcade games.   Exclusively full sized coin operated arcade, video games and pinball machines. Dead or alive! working or not. Machines to Part Out too.

 What's needed is a wide selection of coin operated classic, antique, vintage, modern and collectible amusement
game equipment including EM and electronic pinball, coin-op video, EM gun games, penny arcades, Lollypop weight scales, commerce stimulators and other arcades to sell, refurbish and part-out.

 Get money for that space hog in the corner of your garage, commercial arcade game room. Clear out some Coin-Op game storage warehouse inventory. Whether working or not, we are needing to build our used game parts supplies and arcade games for sale inventories.

Contact  Pinball Medic or go to  Our Arcade Game Buying page for more information on selling us an arcade.

 If you already have the perfect game room and are experiencing 'technical difficulties', Pinball Medic can help resurrect your dead or just hanging onto its last quarter Video, Arcade game or Pinball machine. Whether the full sized coin operated arcade is electromechanical or electronic.

 All refurbished and restored Coin-Op arcades, video arcade PINBALL MEDIC'S 35 MILE SERVICE AREA INCLUDES
games and pinball machines go through either our Pinball  or Video arcade game refurbishment processes before they are offered for sale.

Privately owned games can be sold as-is using our web site.
No home-use only games or gambling devices.

 Web site / local coin-op amusement gaming news

 Old News - We are back on the web!

 After realizing there was a problem with our web-hosting services payment method, we corrected the information and are back up and ready to work on coin-op games again!
 Unfortunately, because we were forced to work through the site provider's dumb computer that did not tell us what's wrong or how to fix the problem, we have lost all of our customer contact information for the last 15 years! We're starting over from scratch due to having both our web page and E-mail systems on the same hosting provider (never again).
 If you would like to start or continue a game repair or other service we provide,
a new contact E-mail will need to be sent to us using our new E-Mail address.

 We received very little indication that anything was wrong and no information about how to correct it from the site hosting provider. There was no way of knowing they had stopped delivering most of our e-mail! This is practically the only way to contact us from the web (still working on a phone number).
 This situation has gone on for three months or more without Pinball Medic knowing anything was wrong. Our site was assessable and even editable the whole time. The issue was not caused by any (declared) hacking.
 Not much real effort was ever given to explain why or even when this issue started. The error code was completely hidden away with a small sized front link and obscured with an abbreviation not explained in any helpful way.
  After waiting 28 minutes to get a thick accented person to answer the help line, it turned out to be a total waste of cell minuets. He could not tell us what was wrong or help when we told him.
 In our (constitutionally protected) opinion, they should work to provide comprehensive alerts when something stops working and provide a much easier path to correct the situation. We spent hours entering the correct information on a web form. They kept giving us the same "AVS" error without indicating what was incorrect. Leaving us to suspect it was their records that were in error. We will never know for sure what happened.
We did get the last laugh. Our monthly hosting fee was cut in half because we are now a "new" customer!
 We will not disclose this hosting provider by name. However (again in our opinion) they potentially have a bunch of "yahoos" working for them.

    Pinball Medic greatly appreciates your interest in our company, web sites and what we offer to the coin operated Arcade room and Collector communities.

  Special note to 'Linked In' (TM) and 'Facebook' (TM) members - Attributable to privacy and security concerns, Pinball Medic's company policy is to not involve our employees, customers or management team in social networking or other personal data sharing sites. They simply retain, sell and share provide personal information without permission and for far too long without much benefit for Pinball Medic Amusements, our employes and most importantly, our customers.
 A major concern is the penalty many invite senders pay when we do not accept an invitation to join a particular social network.  To do less harm, we ask people to not send us invitations to such sites at this time. We may accept them eventually, however, only after our privacy, security and invite rejection penalty concerns have been addressed. Probably after they are broken up into manageable sizes.

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