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 Complete Arcade Video Monitor Repair and Replacement Services including monitor capacitor kits installation, video monitor repair and rebuilds, new coin-op monitor sales &replacement service.

 Video Game Monitors can only be repaired in our shop and not as field service. They can be removed from the game as field service.
arcade monitor repair or replacementContact Pinball Medic.

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  Installation of Arcade Monitor Capacitor Replacement Kits
 These kits cure most problems related to picture distortions and vertical, horizontal height and synchronization issues.

 See our coin-op monitor CAP KIT page or the GAME PARTS page for further details.

 See our Tech Tips page for technical information on what monitor capacitor replacement can do for your video arcade game. CRT Arcade Monitor Refurbishment
Monitor Capacitor Kit Installation
New and Used Game Monitors
Repair & Replacement

 Video Game Monitor Troubleshooting and Repair work
 Video Game must be brought to our repair shop or monitor must be removed from the game (by either the game owner or one of our technicians).
 Only limited diagnosis of a problematic monitor can be performed as field service.
 We repair both X Y Vector (BW / Color) and Raster Video Monitors (Coin Operated video arcades only).

 Pinball Medic can test and repair the High Voltage, Vertical and Horizontal Deflection and Video Synchronization sections.
Picture Tube Degaussing $15 per CRT.
 - Replacement of major monitor components (flyback transformers, control pots, power transistors, CRT (picture tube replacement) is not included in the typical refurbishment process and will increase the final cost of a monitor repair.

 New Replacement Monitors  (See Note)
 Not all monitors can be repaired. In fact, it is getting nearly impossible to replace a CRT monitor. We can only try and find a new replacement monitor for your video game (if that's the only option).  Replacing an old obsolete monitor can produce dramatic video clarity enhancements and provide a burn-in free game play experience.
 Vector monitors are no longer manufactured. Capacitor kits, flyback transformers and replacement high voltage driver transistor for a limited number of X-Y vector monitors are available.   List of Vector arcade games and their monitors.

 Video Monitor Cap Kits for Raster and Vector monitors.

 A description of our Monitor Refurbishment Process is available at   Video Game Refurbishment Process
 Additional information is available on the Arcade and Pinball Game Parts   Arcade Game Parts
 Use the Tech-Tips Form to inquire about the technical aspects of an Arcade Game Monitor.
  See our Coin Operated arcade game parts page for more information on a Monitor Re-Cap Kit.
 Use our CONTACT page to inquire about a new monitor for your game
 See Contact page for more ways to contact Pinball Medic.

 Other game repair and refurbishment services:
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 Arcade Game Field &Home Game Room  Repair Services    Monitor Capacitor Kits for the do it yourself people.

  Note: The main Cathode Ray Tube, picture tube or monitor screen is no longer being manufactured because of the high lead content in the glass. Also, higher priced LCD and LED displays are displacing the traditional arcade game monitor. The costs of both the substitute LCD/LED monitor and its mounting adaptor requires a new monitor to be priced much higher then the original CRT monitor. This can make a used video game worth more as an CRT monitor source/donor then as a working game.
 The US Congress enacted a law requiring all monitors 25 inch or larger to include a digital tuner. They neglected to omit arcade monitors in this law and game monitors don't require a TV tuner. This is why monitor manufacturers started to make 24.5 inch monitors to get around having to install a useless TV tuner in the monitor. Why to go congress!

 New monitors are both very hard and expensive to find. Pinball Medic will have to find whatever is still available in our supplier's inventories. We can no longer keep all monitor sizes in stock.
 All 25 inch and larger monitors except for the lowest CGA resolutions are costing more then $500. This price can affect the need to replace the game monitor. Instead, rebuilding the original might be the only economical option. Monitors are quickly becoming the most valuable part in an arcade game and can even be worth more used then the whole arcade game.

Vector Arcade Game List
Game TitleGame ManufacturerMonitor Type BW/C - Model  C=Color Vector BW=Black &White
AsteroidsAtari - 1979BW - 19-inch Electrohome G05-802/805
AztaracCenturi 1983C
BattlezoneAtari 1980BW/Color Overlay - 19-inch Electrohome G05
Black WidowAtari 1982C - 19-inch Wells-Gardner 6100
Boxing BugsCinematronics 1981C
Cosmic ChasmCinematronics 1983C - Electrohome G08-105 or Wells-Gardner 19k6401
Electrohome - requires swapping out resistors at R4,R12
and R20 (normally 3.3k) with 2.7k ohm to reduce the color
output signal levels.
Earth FriendBally Midway 1982C
EliminatorSega/Gremlin 1981C - 19-inch Electrohome G08
Empire Strikes BackAtari Games 1985C
Lunar LanderAtari 1979BW - 19-inch Electrohome G05-801
MeteorUnknown 1980BW
Omega RaceMidway Manufacturing Co. 1981BW - 19-inch Electrohome G05
PlanetAlpha Denshi 1979BW
QuantumAtari 1982C
Red BaronAtari 1980BW/Color Overlay - 19-inch Electrohome G05-802
Solar QuestCinematronics 1981BW/Color Overlay
Space DuelAtari 1982C
Space FurySega/Gremlin 1981C - 19-inch Electrohome G08
Space WarVectorbeam 1977??
Space WarsCinematronics 1977BW
Speed FreakVectorbeam 1978BW
Star TrekSega 1982C - 19-inch Electrohome G08
Star WarsAtari 1983C
SundanceCinematronics 1979BW
Tac/ScanSega 1982C - 19-inch Electrohome G08
TempestAtari 1980C - 19-inch Wells-Gardner 19K6100
TomcatAtari 1983C
VertigoExidy 1985??
WarriorVectorbeam 1979BW
ZektorSega 1982C - 19-inch Electrohome G08

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