4-22-2019 - No Longer in stock.

- Ultra Gloss - Ultra Premium Mirror Finished.
- LASER Pinball game balls exceed all pinball manufacture's specifications for hardness, roundness and surface reflection and perform with laser straight and true roll.
- Standard Sized Pinball playfield metal game ball
  (1 1/16 Inch in diameter).
- Game ball is so bright and shiny you may need to wear shades while playing your pinball.
Add a 'Touch of Class' to any pinball machine with this
- Used on most pinball games including electromechanical and solid state era pinball machines.
- Minimum order 5 balls - Priced at $3.00 each.
Only sold in multiples of 5 balls.

 Note: Some pinball games require non-standard sized balls.
 See our Tech Tips page for details.
- Replacing your old game balls is the cheapest way to preserve a playfield and maximize its playability.
Don't turn an expensive pinball machine into a part-out game because of a rusty, scratched or dented game ball.

- LASER Game balls are made from hardened high carbon steel for a strong and durable ball with excellent interaction with ball roll manipulating electromagnetic field coil mechanisms under the playfield  (MAGNA SAVES(tm) -  Magnetic Flippers(tm) -  Ball Cranes - Electromagnets)

Change out the game balls while doing playfield cleaning and Rubber Ring KIT installation to insure the game ball does not transfer dirt or other contaminates to your new playfield parts or harm the playfield artwork.
PINBALL MEDIC'S LASER BRAND ULTRA REFLECTIVE GLOSS SHINY MIRROR FINISH HARDENED METAL PINBALL PLAYFIELD GAME BALL FOR SALENew UpdateThere seems to be a world wide shortage of good quality game balls. We can't find a reliable source and we can no longer provide this ball.

 This replacement game ball has an extremely hard surface hardness of grade 500. This increases the hardness of the ball by two times over the standard stock ball grade of 1000.

 A hardened playfield ball is both harder to scratch and dent. This increases both the ball's and playfield's art work life spans.

 We think it is so important to regularly change the pinball machine game ball to preserve the playfield. Especially with games using more then one ball.  Ball on ball collisions often can cause ball surface dents that will destroy playfield artwork over time.

 Try loading your pin with a shiny new set of LASER brand mirror finished metal pinball game balls.
You'll like the results.

Part Number = LB-1

Most new DMD pinball games require at least five balls.
EM and early electronic pinball games tend to have very old balls installed in them.
Spare playfield balls are always needed. They can be stored in a dry place and used to replace the game ball at least every year.

 Shipping Ball weight is approximately 1/4 of a pound for each ball.
(USA shipping only.

The Laser is the STANDARD SIZED carbon steel 1-1/16" diameter, 80 gram pinball used on most contemporary pinball machines built after 1950.
Amusement games like an EM Bingo or Pitch and Bat take a smaller then standard sized ball. Some information about the size of ball by game title is available on our Arcade Tech Tips page.

Lazer game ball is equivalent to these manufacturer's part numbers:
 Bally M-168-26
 Midway 0017-00009-0546
 New Stern 260-5000-00
 Williams 20-6500 or Williams 20A-6500
 Capcom BL00103
 Brunswick 55-860164-000
 Chicago Coin Machine / Old Stern 6717-C
 Alvin G BAL-001
 Gottlieb 21864 MH31
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