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Our CONTACT information has changed and so has the 'one click' contact link on the contact us page.
We had to do this again because only customers with G-mail accounts could contact us on our G-mail account.
"G' were evil" never indicated to us that this was happening. It seems to still be going on after months of time!
We guess free means you don't get any real value from using their E-mail.
Good-bye to the large providers with only their interest considered.

We have moved to a more private and encrypted Email box service provider for all our correspondence.

New NewsPinball Medic has updated and moved our Iterated Inquiries/FAQ page.
We added to and removed it's link from our Home page. We made it non robot friendly as we don't want this page to be searchable. It is not designed to be part of our business model.

New NewsWe started to actively search for a shop place. We need to start working on more refurbishments and set up a space to start providing more business and charity opportunities. See our FAQ page (link on Site Map) for more information.

Started working on the Yellow Jacket pinball dolly page. Not all images are viewable.