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This is our new news page.

Our CONTACT information has changed!

Pinball Medic has updated our Home, Site map, Coil Charts, Site News, Arcade buying and made small changes to most of our other site pages.

We changed the name of our site map file to let us free it of old script bugs we can't normally remove.
For example; the bugy Webring code. We bearly get hits from the webring site, so it was kept on our old site map page.

New NewsGoing to start work on the Yellow Jack dolly page to get it to load all photos and background colors.
We have four dolly frames that were never completed. If we can make a space to weld and complete these dollies, we will convert them to a non hydrolyic configuation and sell them. No TOA on this endeavor.

On the Coil Charts page, we corrected some grammer, page formating and added page navigation links. More work needs to be done to keep this page updated. Will add photos or at least a link to coil photos.

Changed and added to the Iterated Inquiries page. We made it non robot friendly. We don't want this page to be searchable as it is not designed to be part of our business model.