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We are open for business and can repair games as field service! Make an appointment today!
We will continue to go on house calls while physically distancing.

We are still the repairer of choice for most of central Texas.

(11/20/21) We have been updating many pages on our site including our Contact Techtips QnA Yellow Jacket dolly and Service pages.

(11/20/21) Pinball Medic has had to increase our rates to stay in business. We have tried to absorb our costs due to the pandemic and inflation. However, we were forced to comply to our business realities. Breaking even is never a good business strategy, not even if we were a non-profit entity. The alternitive would have been adding site ads.

If we are currently working on your game(s), this increase will not take affect.

We're actively searching for a shop place. We need to start working on more refurbishments and setting up a space to start providing more business and charity opportunities. See the FAQ page for more information.

The Pendimic:
Photo Before the park's closure, we spent long hours watching ducks playing in the water.

nature photosAnother photo No one here has been declared contaminated with Covid-19 virus.

Repairing, refurbishing and selling pinball and video games are not considered critical work. Golf was critical in Texas?
Playing former coin-op games is the perfect way to improve ones eye to hand coordination and for curing depression.
The current situation is not going to end soon or all at once. To both provide our service and to keep Pinball Medic well (pun intended) in the future, we are now taking appointments for game repair and refurbishment for current service and for months in advance jobs. Go now, to the Contact page and set up a service call.

If you would like to help us with a down payment or even a donation (Coin-Op game or financial), we should be able to deduct the payment from the service or refurbishment. This will help us navigate these troubled waters.
We correspond by E-mail and now have plenty of time to do so. Above all, STAY SAFE!

We have updated and linked to our New pinball circuit board replacement page. This is an old page with updated information on a circuit board supplier that has started producing new Williams system boards including sound and speech boards!
See this page for more information on these 'better then original' circuit boards.

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