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Pinball Medic's Electronic Solid State and Electromechanical Pinball Games for Sell in Austin, Texas

We have for sell all kinds of pinball games from the Score Light Scoreboards and Vintage Woodrail Eras, Classic Electromechanical to Modern Electronic (ss), Score Reels to Dot Matrix Displays and EM to Solid State Machines.

Including vintage, antique,collectable to modern pinball machines from Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan, Sega, Stern and Williams and many more.

Pinball Medic can sell your local game on commission too. Or we can likely find the perfect game for you if it is not listed here.

Payment Methods: Cash or Local Check. No electronic transfers, Paypal or Credit Cards accepted at this time.

Williams Cyclone pinball for sale in austin texas Pinball for Sale:
(11/18/20) We are selling a Williams Cyclone pinball (1988).
Contact us if you are interested in this game.

We have many more pinball games to refurbish and sell.

Current list of locally wanted pinball games -

(8/6/21) We have a buyer for either a Williams Medieval Madness or a Black Knight Sword of Rage LE with Topper.
If you have either of these pinball games, please let us know.

We buy arcades, SS and EM pinball, EM shooter galleries and other games.
We also buy individual games and go on warehouse arcade game buys.

Need pinball machine maintenance, game set up or own a coin operated laundry or Arcade?

We sell, Service and Refurbish both Pinball games and Video arcades Do not wait, Contact us today.

We will not sell a non refurbished game.

EM=Electromechanical game.
Otherwise it is a SS=Electronic pinball machine.


Central Park EM One Player (Sold)


We have found a local
Cyclone pinball we are selling on commission.

Buy a Pinball

Deadly Weapon

Elvira (Sold)


Force II Refurb. on Hold.

Grand Prix


Harley Davidson (Sold)


Ice-Revue (Sold)

Junkyard (Sold)

Lost World (Sold)

Mars - God of War

Monster Bash (Sold)

Paradise EM

Paragon (Sold)


Rollerdisco (Sold)

Space Invaders (Sold)

Theater of Magic

(TOM, Sold)


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If we don't have a pinball title in our inventory, Pinball Medic may be able to find it or we will list it on our Game Wanted section on this page. Local customers in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas can post on our Wanted Dead or Alive section for pinball games. If you have a good quality pinball that is not listed in the wanted section, please contact us.

Pinball in the Pipeline:
Nip-It - Bally 1972 EM, four player. Last Bally electro-mechanicalĀ game with zipperĀ flippers.
We will be refurbishing this pinball and either sell or rent this game.
Note: All Pipeline Pinball machines have not been refurbished and will NOT be sold 'as is' unless otherwise noted.
We are simply listing our used pinball inventory and what games we are currently refurbishing to sell.

PINBALLS WANTED: DEAD or ALIVE See our pinball machines in the pipeline section. Also, look at our Pinball Medic BUYS pinball page.
Do you have a good quality pinball to sell to one of our local customers? (Near to Austin, Texas only).
A game specific percentage consignment is required on all games in the Wanted section (paid after game is sold).

We need, working or not, old style (electromechanical, relays, score reels) to modern Electronic pinball games (digital or dot matrix displays, except for 8-liners, any form of gambling game or for home use only game).

Yellow Jacket Pinball DollyYellow Jacket Pinball Moving Dolly (YJ Dolly)
If you are needing to move a lot of pinball games or just one by yourself, Pinball Medic made what might be the easiest to use pinball dolly in the galaxy.

Definition of 'Sale Pending ', Our Game Hold Fee policy. Arcade Game Repair Request page.

See our We buy coin-op page for more information on fees.

It is up to the owner to set the price on commission sells. We normally include an "or best offer" (OBO) term to indicated a commissioned arcade. Our inventory is currently out of our reach during lock down conditions. We will answer most questions on these games.

The small print: Our definition of'Sale Pending' is'A game that has been sold on a verbal agreement only or a hold fee has been paid on the game.'

Pinball Medic
has not been paid in full for a Sale Pending game. Customers are welcome to submit a Game Order page for a'pending sale' game in case the buyer fails to complete the transaction. All Game Orders will be processed on a'First Filed, First Processed' basis.