pinball medic Coin operated electro-mechanical EM and electronic SS in the home house call commercial arcade site pinball machine repair austin texas  Pinball Medic of Austin, TX works on the earliest Coin Operated electromechanical (EM, Relays,score reels) and wood rails to the latest digital DMD electronic (Solid State, SS) pinball machines.

We're preserving the full sized Fun of PINBALL!

 We accomplish repairs at the following locations.
 COMMERCIAL ARCADE SITE (COIN-OP Field Service, Route Game Repair)
 PINBALL MEDIC'S PINBALL REPAIR SHOP (Game's owner provides game transportation.)
 EMERGENCY CODE BLUE REPAIR SERVICE. (Please, don't abuse this service.)
Business hours: Mon. - Fri., 9:AM to 5:PM. Weekends by appointment only.
Pinball game Inspections $40 (in service area price).

Use our Contact page to set up a house call or pinball machine maintenance.
Information on all other Fees, Charges, Labor Rates and Policies is on the
Service page. Or buy a fully working pinball game and not need to repair it for years to come.

rockn pinball play Pinball Medic Cleans, Refurbishes and Repairs coin operated and in the game room Pinball Machines from the following manufactures: Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan, Sega, Stern and Williams and many more.

'As-Is' pinball machines are not the cheapest arcades to own as they continue to break down and stop working.
They are after a full refurbishment with only the consumable parts needing replacement every year (new balls ($8), new batteries ($6), full game cleaning, playfield ring replacement ($20+) and an operation check up every few years).

They're also worth much more then the cost of repair. Pinball games are increasing in price and decreasing in availability every year. A refurbishment or restoration can greatly increase game value, game longevity and speed of sell.
The alternative option is to Contact us and buy one of our fully refurbished/restored Pinball games.
They're the King of arcade games. Develop your skills on your own pinball.

 Field Service Rates Non - Code Blue rates + $100 field service fee. Compare these rates with our local competitor charging $175 per hour. We work harder for you and at a competitive rate!
per hour with a one hour minimum - $22.50 per quarter hour after first hour + an usually one time field service fee of $100. Other fees may apply. Compare these rates with our local competitor charging $175 per hour. We work harder for you and at a competitive rate! We have to repair what other's called shopped

 In Shop Rates (Rates Pinball Medic charges if the game is brought to our South Austin repair shop)
 In Shop repair labor rate is $90/hr.

Set up a Code blue emergency arcade video and pinball game repair austtin texasCODE BLUE EMERGENCY COIN-OP PINBALL GAME REPAIR.

 Your game is put ahead of all other field service calls on the day we receive the Code Blue.
Additional Fees and increased Labor Rates apply for this special service. Code Blue may not be available at all times and locations and is not offered on weekends or holidays.

 Include the words Code Blue in the Subject line of an E-mail.
 Use our Contact page to send service request E-mails.

 CODE BLUE labor rates.
 'CODE BLUE' Emergency / Priority Pinball Game Repair Field Service.
 $125 per hour
(One Hour Minimum,  side art and other major parts are not included and will not be done as part of a code blue service call.)

 Game parts are not included in our labor rates, bids or quotes. E-mails are not considered the same as a signed service contract. They are estimates subject to change.
Quoted/Estimated costs in an E-mail can change without notice due to our labor and part costs during a repair or refurbishment depending on the condition of the machine and the availability/costs of replacement parts.

 Pinball Game Restorations and Refurbishments are now done by Quoted Bids only.
 Additional work or unforeseen labor time or parts orders will not be done until the game owner signs off on any costs over-runs or bid amendments.

 Fees and Travel Expenses High gas prices have limited our field service range to central Texas (Austin area).

  Diagnostic Fee - $35 Charged if the game is not repairable and when game inspection or part removal has occurred.

  Field Service Fee $100 This fee is usually a one time fee per repair job and covers gas and other expenses. There can be rare situations when this fee is charged again when a long distance has to be travel multiple times to repair/refurbish a pinball within our normal service area.

 libutt Game Transportation / Long Distance Travel Fee - $100 = Applies if the game is outside our normal service area. Mileage and other fees apply. We cannot deliver a game to any floor except the ground floor. A moving company must be hired to move a game up stairs or to higher levels.

 libutt Pinball Medic charges 80 cents per mile if we have to travel outside our normal service area
 Mileage is calculated round trip from our South Austin repair shop. Mileage is in addition to the Field Service or Game Transportation Fees.

 Pinball circuit board work (local service only) Game Board Repair
 Pinball machine refurbishment / restoration Services  Pinball Restoration

 Everything is explained on our Coin-Op Game Repair Service

Pinball Medic's Yellow Jacket Pinball Dolly After a Pinball game repair or restoration, help protect your investment with a Pinball Medic manufactured Yellow Jacket Pinball Dolly

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