Austin, Texas.

Pinball Medic is a South Austin, Texas restoring, repairing and refurbishing full sized arcades, Pinball and other amusement devices.

Maybe our current inventory!
Pinball = Pinball Machine.
video game = Video Game.
EM=Electromechanical game.
video gameCyberball 2072
deadly_weapon pinballDeadly Weapon
PinballForce II
video gameGalaga
video gameGalaxian
PinballGrand Prix EM
video gameKangaroo
PinballMars - God of War
video gameMs Pacman and Pacman
PinballParadise EM
PinballParagon (Sold)
video gamePole Position
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We also perform professional refurbishment and restoration of full sized Video games, Pinball machines, both electro-mechanical and sold state electronic arcade.

Most of our work is done
in your home as a 'House Call' or where ever the game is located in the central Texas area. We diagnose and repair issues in the field so your game is made reliable, dependable and FUN without moving the game!

Atari, Bally, Chicago Coin, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan, Genco, Premier, Sega, old and new Stern, Williams and many other game manufactures are mostly what we work on.

Don't have an Arcade? We can help by selling one, two or maybe however many will fit in your game room.

video game pinball repair refurbishment in texas and AustinOn site or In Home Game Service.

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Pinball machine and Video game
refurbishment processes.

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Pinball, arcades sales, shop or at home repairs and arcade game restoration in Austin, Texas

Pinball Medic will not pick up or deliver a game on a day that has the slightest of chances of precipitation. Check with the Austin, Texas
weather radar before making an appointment.