Austin, Texas.

Pinball Medic is a South Austin, Texas based Arcade and other amusement devices service and game sells shop.
We are the repairer of choice for central Texas.

Pinball and arcade sales, shop or at home repairs and arcade game restoration in Austin, Texas

We are moving our site news here. It will serve as a holding space before we move our main page ( to this domain. More news to come.

We are open for business

Local coin-op amusement and Pinball Medic's web site news.

Again, we have updated the following pages: Main page, Our pinball service, interesting covid links page and a few pages we forgot to write down. Check out our new site pages. There is a lot of new information on them. Posted 7/11/22.

We are open for business and can repair games as field service! Make an appointment today!
We will continue to do house calls while physically distancing.

We started to actively search for a shop place. We need to start working on more refurbishments and set up a space to start providing more business and charity opportunities. See our FAQ page (link on Site Map) for more information.

New info Attention! There has been a blow to our business model. Our loyal and only truck has almost traveled it's last mile. It's soon headed to the long dirt road in the sky.
We are both very sad to see her go and desparate to replace our main transporter. With and without it; we can only do very short distance repair calls.
After twenty plus years of service, it has blown head gaskets, a very leaky radiator III (there has been three replacements), every system leaks fluid including electrical, we can't explain this.
We sing a car's version of 'Amazing Grace' and shed a tear everytime we start it. She took really good care of us and moved countless arcades and tools around Austin, out of state and beyond. However, it probably will not see 140K miles. Update: we noticed it had 130K miles on it 7/4/22.
We will be writing an Ode to Black 'M' truck and will post it here. May she rest comfortingly in peace.

NOTE: This had to happen during the most expensive time to buy even a used car. We are looking for alternitive options. Maybe a go fund me page? -- Posted 7/6/22.

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