The second page
(First posted 10/16/2020), Updated 10/24/2020

Our predictions are tragically coming true.

The Third Wave is upon us and it is potentially going to be a tidal wave of death and misery.

Our first Covid-19 page has proven to be highly accurate on most predictions. Because of it's size and our need to not edit it to preserve our imagined integrity, we are including a second page to further inform and proclaim.

Filling this page will be more predictions, concepts of helpful links and commentary about our current political and health concerns including links for non government Covid 19 studies with ways to improve the outcomes of this pandemic.
We are going to provide the most powerful preventive measures in the form of usable information.

You will notice we have removed the CDC's link from the first page due to their politically influenced guidelines, total lack of willpower to defend the science it once provided and their nature of flip flopping on everything.
First they post Sars-CoV-2 (covid-19) virus can spread by water droplets in the air. Then denied this for financial reasons, just to re-post this obvious causation. The public can't afford to give them a second chance or the benefit of doubt.
Their leadership acts like they are the Corrupt Department of Criminals. This situation could have already kill thousands. The only possible "cure" for this is to wait for a new administration with a sound science ecology.

The Third Wave

It has arrived and two virus siblings' affects are going to combine to form the most deadly wave of 2020.
What is a "Wave" ? We define it as a large increase of infections, followed by a peak or plateau, followed by a decrease of cases.
This definition includes a high level of hysteresis to discriminate a wave from a spike. Waves can include many spikes geographically without starting a new wave.
Our definition informs us there were three waves this year instead of the politically dictated two. As stated before, there will be little time between waves. We are not going to be under representing the number of waves. Just to make a clown lead government look better.

The first wave peaked in NY (close enough) and then started to wain. When the Republicans "reopened" the economy the second wave was started. They are directly responsible for this and likely for all waves this year. They never learn because of the use of pseudo science instead of peer reviewed science. There is no perceived consequences for using lies instead of facts. Even the Constitution is relegated to a non consequential document for them to ignore.

Continue to vote and show them how wrong they are!
The political elite minority should never rule over the majority of Americans.

America got over the peak of the second wave just to head face first into the third most dangerous wave. We combined the Flu with Covid-19 because they will work together to maximise the effects of this last wave of the year. There will be little effort to determine between the two viruses as testing currently isn't a priority.

You still have time to get a flu shot to help protect yourself from one of these death sentence.

Our total death prediction from page one was 850,000. This seems high for the year. We will still stick with this number as we want to compare our predictions with reallity at year's end. "America will get to this number eventually before this virus magically disappears". Does the last statement sound familiar? This country will have years to make this a grim fact even with an inoculation.

It has been stated; "America is always a mere six weeks away from ending this pandemic". If we really wanted this to happen, it would take precautions that have never been done in this country. All food would need to be delivered. Separation distances would need to be increased to 15 or more feet. Masks would be the only option even indoors. Robots would need to perminitly take jobs from people employed in a hazardous jobs like animal slaughtering and other food preperation (even on the farm). Politicians would need to be neutered or spayed to keep the political cast from spreading like this virus. Yes, we made up the last requirement.

Masks are the cheapest and at this time the most effective means to help end this pandemic. Currently they are only used to insure Republicans will not be able to vote next year because of their deaths (due to delial to wear mask, keep distant or admit this virus is serious). Wear one no mather the cost to your pride. They are always better then attending funerals for your friends or your own.

We will be adding much more to this page before the end of the year. This is just the first installment. Stay tuned in and safe.

Interesting Information

Blood type differences with COVID-19:
Type A blood is showing to be the most dangerous blood type. It increases the likelihood of ventilation will be required when hospitalized.

Type O shows promise as an Covid-19 infection preventative. Although, it's not guaranteed protection and the effect isn't very pronounced.

COVID-19 uses a cell surface receptor known as ACE2. Children have lower levels of ACE2 gene expression than adults This may explain their lower risk of infection and mortality.
Keep reading for more Covid news.

It's dangerous to have High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, be at Retirement Age. Obesity or being "Calorically Gifted" is another virus attraction and it's too late to diet.

COVID-19 seems to like the above conditions. They all increase the symptoms of this virus and there is no real cure for any of them.

Do politics make people sick?
According to this article yes it can. Republicans that voted for the current Orange guy infect 16% more people then whom voted for his female opponent's political party in 2016. Lets vote the infectious party out.
This was only one study so be a little skeptical. We just could not resist making the comparison.
(posted 7/23/2020)

The first few Covid vaccines may only keep someone from getting very sick and dying. They will not affect infection rates!
Due to the politically induced very restrictive time limit on vaccine development of any kind, the public may have to be satisfied in the short term with only an extreme event preventative instead of a vaccine that inoculates.
This event will be caused by political demands and not science. It simply takes a long time to develop an effective vaccine with the current level of scientific ability.
If something is non inoculative, it is not a vaccine. It should be lab led a treatment. Although the GOP will claim it as a vaccine that will enable some one to be immune to a virus. Antibodies don't last very long with this virus and therefore, in our opinion, should only be considered part of a treatment.
The first candidates will probably be synthetic antibodies used as a treatment for the very sickest. They will still be very useful and will save many lives. Although they will not stop this virus from spreading and hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Want to look at some raw Covid-19 data?
Here you go. It's only California data, but at least this State offers it to the public. They have virus spread forecasts too.

Texas could release their data on a public site too, but they are too embarrassed by the massive increase in hospitalizations and deaths due to opening the State way too early.

(posted 7/1/2020) OK, here is the risk data* for all states including Texas.

*Published by Harvard Global Health Institute and not by the State of Texas.

We predicted the first, second and third waves and told you
what should happen next.
It's time to impeach our Texas, Republican governors and others whom opened the states too soon killing thousands of people.
Vote in a non Republican that believes in science!

Republicans seem to act like Ferengi*. They put large business and religion above all life. Even above the mother Earth.

Wow! We just peeved a quarter of the population of this country. Luckily, we used free speech.
Politicians don't think we should. We keep revealing their incompetence.

Antibody immunity may only last for months and may not actually provide a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. Source
Only a vaccine that simulates a T cell reaction will last for an extended time and therefor can in our option be called a vaccine.
Although the Alt Right will call anything a vaccine to save face with their political base.

(11/6/20) Update: A T cell simulating vaccine should last at least six months. Source

new stuffBusted Myths

What does herd immunity actually mean?

Why FDA approved Remdesivir? A large drug study shows it doesn't work on SARS-CoV-2.

Another key cell entry point for Covid-19 has been discovered.
Posted 10/24/2020

newAccording to this new study, over 700 people have died of Covid-19 because of the GOP's unsafe political rallies. These events has been estimated to led to more than 30,000 additional cases.
Posted 11/1/2020

Definition of Liehair: A sometimes Orange colored hair or wig that makes the wearer impervious to any stated truth or scientific fact.
Liehair also prevents its victims from saying the truth. It creates a pathological liar.
This would explain why abnormal genetics is not always in charge of what people say and do.

It's got to be the hair!

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Warning: we will add more to this page as time permits.

Score Card, So Far: First posted 6-19-2020. Updated 10/24/20
Unfortunately we were right. Welcome to the Third Wave! We predicted this last wave of the year and both of the other waves this year.
Politicians are calling raging infection increases a "Spike" and not a new wave. This is a "Dam Lie" in our opinion.
(Three kinds: Lies, Dam Lies and Statistics - Mark Twain)
This virus takes a few weeks or months to spread to enough people to increase hospitalizations. A spike indicates a sharp increase and then a steep decrease happing in a short time. With Covide-19, a spike can't happen because infections, wave peak and recovery all take an expended period of time to occur. Spikes are now used as a political term to justify opening up a state without good science to justify the risk.
They are saying spikes are OK because we have hospital beds available. The number of beds is not a real justification to open a State too soon. People are going to die in a bed or without one. They could have not been subjected to risk at all.
How many will die because of the current majority political party? Or, how few will survive if there is a second term of our current POSTUS? This is madness.
It's getting scary! Please go vote and do what ever is necessary to stay healthy and safe that doesn't affect others trying to do the same.
Make yourself and family some cloth masks.