Onward through the Covid-19 fog.
Page tres.

Adding a third page to our Covid 19 prediction series would end some perpetual questions and events.
This page will be mostly commentary. It should be taken as free speech and not necessary as totally factual (we do our best) or unbiased (we're not alt-right either). We believe it will still offer a great value to some; so read on.

We had to add a few comments because of our foolish Texas Governor. He just removed all mask mandates and has opened everything up to full customer capacity.

CV-19 vaccination (the "cure") has started in the U.S. and has been presented as a false sense of security. Betraying a rarely administered vaccine (only 6% of US citizens have received two does) as a cure comes with the following:

The term "cure" excuses clueless politicians-(R) into opening restaurants (expanding their number of customers) and other indoor business way too soon. This causes more unnecessary deaths and overloaded hospitals, over and over again.
Is it better (or moral) to open a business too soon to save it? Or instead, to save lives by directly supporting these business with grants.

A "cure" tells the young to "Stay dumb and party on"! Super spreading is now a professional event. Now that there are easier to spread and more deadly variants, this could deplete a whole generation or at least put in peril the older generations. Governments well hate this competition.

With a cure, older persons will demand long visitations and be allowed to interact with more then their health providers. This is so tragic. We empathize with this need and they certainly deserve the attention and care. We wish everyone felt the needs of our wise grand parents and other good friends and family. Hold on and stay safe until this pandemic has wained. Your friends will come back to visit and laugh (at and with you). CoVid-19 will never care about its victim's needs. It's only way of life is to keep multiplying and spreading.

What is happening with the middle aged? They are consumed with the chaos of information overload. They can't discern between Republican propaganda and scientific information. This can be partially explained by science getting things wrong. Even Fauci has indicated masks don't do anything to keep viral spread manageable in the past. This is untrue!
Was this because he was under pressure from a past fascist government?
He now preaches masks are the best way to not spread Covid-19.
Is this now because vaccination has gone so horribly wrong? He is the "expert" and should have known better then to spread his previous boss's lies. Although it has been postulated he was wanting to save sparse PPP for the first line medical works.
Things are slowly getting better now, but they are still not good; not even close. America (world) needs three to four more of everything to combat this pandemic.

Instead of thinking a cure has finally come, think of a vaccination as a weapon. A sword that must be wielded by everyone to first sequester, then vanquish humanity's newest common threat, the SAR-CoV-2 virus.

Everyone should get vaccinated as required. This includes everyone in the world. No more hoarding doses. No more allowing a few countries to manufacturer them. This policy allows other countries to take half the doses they produce for themselves. Every country must allow this for now. They do need them too especially when herd immunity may not even be possible.

In the long term, wouldn't it be better (moral) to again make our own domestically using a government big project and the ability to force companies to produce in an emergency? Give all excess to the world for free or suffer from this virus coming back every year!

Every country should do this even if this takes two years to build each vaccine manufacturing plant. Are we going to believe a new virus will never cause another pandemic?

Drugs and vaccine patents should be considered humaniside. Lets first save everyone by sharing the data then figure our how to and how much to fund pharmaceutical companies. The alternative is to just keep killing more people unnecessary. Ever wonder why big pharma companies offer discounts to countries wanting to make there own versions of drugs? It's assumed they want their monopoly more then saving lives.

Governments should design and make drugs, cures and vaccines. Large projects and doing public good are why we have them. Governments can afford to use the same drug scientist Big Pharma uses. After all, Pharma almost never makes anything truly revolutionary. They typically change a drug's molecule slightly so they can repatent it. They know how to keep generics off the market to protect their monopoly. Our government has turned a blind eye. So now it's time for them to take a poke in the other eye. Take this sector over and be held accountable to the governed.

Our Governor seems to assume he will get away with the widespread death of his constituents. He blocks the legislature and his own political party from having any power to stop or at least curtain his perceived dictatorial powers. Not that the legislature or his party is controlled by any more science then the rest of our state government.

Today (3/3/21) is the anniversary of Texas independence from Mexico. The state Governor removed all mask wearing and business capacity limitation requirements. He consulted just one (perhaps a political appointee) of his heath advisers out of four. We are now fully 100% open to start dying.
The first wave of the year is days away because of the mutations and relatively low vaccination rates. Texas is now ranked 48th out of 100 in vaccination.
Impeach this Governor before a mass killing of Texas citizens occurs. At least the legislature should strip him of all emergency powers as soon as possible. He's going to try and be reelected soon, so lets remember our dead relatives that have died on his watch (maybe many because of him). Vote this orange clown junior, apparently above the law, governor out of office. Prosecute him to the fullest measure of the law.

It's the end of the government bashing section, at least for now. Instead, lets do some MATH. Ya, not our favorite subject either.

Lets say, for the moment, the top vaccines are 95 percent effective. At 330 million people in the USA, that leaves millions of people who could get sick from the virus even after completed vaccination. Even vaccinated people could still spread disease due to hidden pockets of virus in the nose. There isn't good information to discount people who have been given the second dose from being able to infect or even get sick themselves.

The Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) vaccine has the following characteristics (the one and done vaccine).

Prevents infection in 67% of the inoculated.

98% of people who get this one dose vaccine will not die or need a hospital stay.

There are studies going on that indicate that a second dose may produce a much larger level of protection.

It has proven to be much more effective with the mutaions of Covid-19. The other vacines have to make third boster shots to combate mutations.

It has been tested using more verius races then just white middle aged men.

The most benefit from any vaccination is not getting sick enough for the hospital or dying from this virus. Getting any protection the fastest way available is the most important thing to consider.
Very soon there could be a pill to treat this disease in case someone gets sick.

Note: No vaccine has been tested on pregnant mothers and on children under 16 years of age. These tests are on going at this time.

What should be done with a vaccine that is considered to be a really good third option? Unfortunately, no studies have been performed to allow the following to occur.
We think it could be used as a stop gap before or in between getting the two shot vaccination. If your second shot has been postponed due to a lack of supply, then it should be given so you will not die or fill a hospital bed. If your neighbors is thirty miles away, then this one and done version will be the easiest option to get.
If you live in a third wold country (we have a third would government in the US of A) and all the rich western countries have bought out every other vaccine option, then JnJ will be your best option. This vaccine has a much more robust effect on the virus mutation started there. If you just want to get this done as soon as practical, this is your vaccine

Any amount of protection is better then getting sick, dying or spreading this contagion. Go get yourself and family vaccinated now, wear a MASK and stay alone if you can. A number of people who do get sick and recover are going back to the hospital and dying. Don't be a part of the growing long hauler community. Go vaccinate now.
Most importantly, stay away from Zombie drivers and shoppers. We call them the Covid-Z (s). Avoid getting bitten by these things. Carry a plastic Whiffle ball bat to protect yourself.

Will it ever get back to NORMAL?
Short answer is NO! You are not likely to live long enough (well or not) to get back to a pre-pandemic normal (PPN).
A century would not be adequate. When you add in climate change, magnetic poll reversal (brain dead version) and the possibility (hopefully remote) of the return of the Republican's to national power (and again dooming this country to a third world classification), it will be thousands of years before "normal" may happen again.
Want to be even more depressed? Mankind may not be on Earth when "normal happens" if we can't shut down man made pollution, radicalized political parties and many other things.

What is the new definition of the new normal?
Note: Austin is where weird is our normal. Although many consider it as no longer weird or normal.
Perhaps a new normal would be anything someone can get away with without harming others. Everyone must develope their own normal and maybe everyone should vote on a definition when this happens. At least we know our printed backed up voting machines would be safe to use. Right? Yes, this is right.
Our definition may very from yours. The new normal will be when the world or at the very least, our country, gets to a point when it can provide at least the minimum of food, shelter, prosperity and sustainability to all of its citizens.
Any high tech doodad or internet service that does nothing to make this possible should be avoided. All Trusts are bad and should be broken up and dispersed. This includes Big Data. We must mandate the deletion of all personal data we can't personally control.
See, we did have more government bashing to do on this page.

The exception is maybe entertainment for the masses that does not include a habitual physiologic component, like nearly every phone app. We are not trying to Stalinize the world. People need arcades to play and then have them repaired. A government with only public good as its mandate or perhaps some learned skills that keeps you rational should be a goal.
We have said this before, this country needs a nation wide goal like no more homeless or people living in the trap of poverty, massive infrastructure reconstruction or maybe a major space program to allow everyone to contribute to something that will help everyone living on Earth.

In conclusion, do what you need to improve your living status without harming others. Run for a political office and do no harm to others. If you win office, don't work only for the wealthy. They harm others. Make friends with another race of people. Learn as much as you can and develop your skills. Remember, no vaccine to date has been tested for longevity. They are too new to test. Covid-19 will be in your life forever. Adjust for this reality and get vaccinated.


What will be on the last page?
Our main goal is to analyze the results of our predictions and even add some predictions to the year 2021. We may add something to this page too.

First Posted 2/20/21 Edited for context 3/1/21