Links and information about Covid-19 and all of its variances.

We intend to present current pandemic links to important virus information, current news and interesting links to Covid-19 studies.
An informed and inquisitive public will be an epic change from the current status of the American people.
Informed isn't a cach-all for everybody. News on a great many other sites tend to be more propaganda then real "truthy news".

Note: It seems it's a bad time to start this page. There is very little media news about Covid-19. Everyone is busy with what's happening overseas.

Endemic Pathogens Posted 5/5/22.
The article starts rather boring. You might want to skip the first half and read just the middle third of it. Unless you want to know more about parasites. We read the whole thing. It's arresting, just not all of it is about Covid.
It relates to dormant virus and bacterial infections; what they can do to the body in the long term. This includes Covid-19. Even though current long haul theories are still not well developed.

One Million Posted 5/4/22.
Hey Covid-19, F*%k off! It's official This virus has killed 1 million Americans.
What would we be at if the (first) female president was in charge?
Answer; much better off with any one other then the Radical we got. At least we would not have fired the pandemic scientist team tasked with preparing America.

Our current commander and chief has done all he could in spite of the radical right "NO" party. No matter what happens;
Republicans own this pandemic.

Forced Vaccinations Posted 5/2/22.
"Supreme Court upholds individual's right against forcible vaccination."
Just pause for a few seconds and think about this article's title. Then read it.
This really shocked us, but not for the reason you may think.

This bit of clickbait did not come from the U.S.. However, with a majority of our 'Supremes' being so allegedly radicalized, it could have been.
It may be true in the future for us. Then the CDC and the military will have no power to control a pandemic or even protect our skilled warriors from biological warfare.

Mix and Match Posted 4/14/22.
A recent treatise about the benefits of mixing the two major mRNA-based vaccines. They produce slightly different antibodies. Using a mixture of the two could help fight the virus better then sticking with just one vaccine manufacturer.

New Mechanisms Posted 4/11/22.
Our first link is from Washington State University (WSU). They have discovered clues about new mechanisms SARS-CoV-2 uses to cause an infection. This is a short read, but does indicate Science is still finding new realities about this noval virus. Just before it mutates into another variant. Another reason to vaccinate the whole world. Otherwise America and all other nations will never be rid of masks and other safty requirements.
Congress, blocked by the extremist Right, is doing the exact opposite by cutting off free vaccination, research and other needed activities.

We will add more links when ever an event occures.

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