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Interesting links and information about Covid-19 and all of its variances and other viral threats around the world.

We intend to present current pandemic links to important virus information, current news and interesting links to Covid-19 studies.
An informed and inquisitive public will be an epic change from the current status of the American people.
Informed isn't a cach-all for everybody. News on many other sites tend to be more propaganda then real truthy news.

Infections have risen because of B4-B5. It's time to mask up again in Austin. Posted 6/6/22 - Updated 8/11/22.

Droping Quarantine -- The CDC (Cartoon-ish Department of the Country) has removed both quarantin and the safty distance for Covid-19. You can now go back to spreading it at your leisure. -- Posted 8/11/22

Langya Henipavirus (LayV) - A novel (new) virus classified as a biosafety Level 4 with fatality rates between 40 and 75 percent has just been found in China!
The virus family it belongs to produces severe and fatal illnesse in humans! There are no vaccines or treatments.
Please do not panic. Only 35 people have been infected with this new LayV virus and none have died. Lets pray it gets defeated in China.-- Posted 8/9/22
Update 8/10/22 --
LayV viral RNA in more than a quarter of 262 shrews. The virus was also detected in 2 percent of domestic goats and 5 percent of dogs.

Moderna bets big - A little history lesson. -- Posted 8/8/22

Monkeypox We are veering off course to bring you information on another virus. Why? Because little is included in the news about its symtoms and treatment.
The article's aggresive grandstanding title (click bait) could be improved. "Everything" can't be known about the virus and can't be provided in a 1,912 word document. -- Posted 7/27/22.

Nanotube route for Covid. It seems SARS-CoV-2 may get to the brain directly though small tubes in the noise. Could a nasal spray be developed to block these passages? Could this spray potentially be used instead of or to improve a face mask? Could it be used to treat long Covid?
This is a way too short of an article. It needs more information and more research done before assumptions are made and posted.
-- Posted 7/25/22.

Someone got state of the art care for their Covid-19. Good to hear there are options available to kick this virus's backside. Although, you have to stop taking your meds to use them. -- Posted 7/21/22.

New BA.2.75 strain appears in the West Coast of the U.S.. Even more infectious then B.4 and B.5. -- Posted 7/13/22.

Angry Hamsters - This sounded to us like a good video game candidate. Instead, science gave us mad animals (another good arcade title).
Although CRISPR-Cas9 is getting nuanced in its ability to edit DNA, it doesn't always go well for the test subject (hamsters). Especially when you edit the wrong gene because decades of studing them was also wrong. CRISPR shows great promise to cure deadly cancer diseases. So lets be careful and not abandon it before it reaches its greatest for good plateau.
Don't either take this article or our comments out of context and start blaming everything bad on science. Also, stop watching nothing but propaganda about vaccines. Get them to keep yourself out of the hospital and perhaps even more importantly, every one around you from getting sick or dying. -- Posted 7/13/22.

More Risk is here. With BA.4 and BA.5 variance becoming more active. Is the outdoors still safer?
This isn't the most scientific source of information. The article is in a chronicle, after all. However, it does present a logical outcome from a virus spreading to crowded places. -- Posted 7/9/22.

Third Worst What was the third leading cause of death in the U.S.? (for both 2020 and 2021) -- Posted 6/9/22.

Neanderthal gene Just a fun little read about our Neanderthal ancestors giving the modern day human a killer gene. Covid-19 likes to use this culpable gene to increase mortality. It has helped to kill about 1 million people. Thanks bros. You had to give us more then sinus allergies?
By the way, Neanderthals were NOT low I.Q.(ed) and did use tools.

Incoming Spread Give us your sick, contagious and all super spreaders. New words on the statue of liberty.
The government just cleared away the protection of pre-departure Covid-19 screening for anyone entering the U.S.. The CDC will review this decision in 90 days. This is much longer then the incubation of the virus. We must want to assure all of the mutations are throughly in every state in the union before we try to close the barn door.
New prediction: We already are experiencing the next new wave of BA4 and BA5. Now this will accelerate the process. Business now dictates public health. Posted 6/10/22.

Vaccine Effectiveness against Omicron. It's about the declining effectiveness of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. Boosters are now manditory for the omicron varient. Luckily for the human race, there is a new mRNA vaccine designed for both delta and omicron. Also, a virus surface vaccine (just like most common flu shots are made) coming on the market very soon. There is now a probable path to once a year vaccinations. Posted 6/9/22.

Listening to young people could help reduce pandemic-related harms to children. Dah! Posted 6/2/22.

Bacterial Immune Memory Posted 6/2/22. There is little direct correlation between the Covid virus and this article. However, it does discribe how bacteria store information to kill viruses using Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (better known as CRISPR), without causing an autoimmune response destroying the bacteria itself.
Bacteria uses CRISPR as an immune system to fight viruses. Now humans use it to design DNA and to fight their own battles with viruses, bacteria and genetic disorders.
Why did it take a Physics and Astronomy department to show how viral information is stored in bacteria? Was it calligraphic in the stars?
Here is more information on how this memory works. CRISPR Alternative What might be a safer method to regulate how a gen is expressed.

COVID-19 Rebound Long Terms Posted 5/25/22. These are two negative news stories about Covid-19 vaccines. Fortunately, these two minuses add up to a positive. Inoculation still saves lives and is worth getting. Even if you have to wait nine hours at a race track parking lot. This was true in Austin for the first jab.

Endemic Pathogens Posted 5/5/22.
The article starts rather boring. You might want to skip the first half and read just the middle third of it. Unless you want to know more about parasites. We read the whole thing. It's arresting, just not all of it is about Covid.
It relates to dormant virus and bacterial infections; what they can do to the body in the long term. This includes Covid-19. Even though current long haul theories are still not well developed.

One Million Posted 5/4/22.
Hey Covid-19, F*%k off! It's official This virus has killed 1 million Americans.
What would we be at if the (first) female president was in charge?
Answer; much better off with any one other then the Radical we got. At least we would not have fired the pandemic scientist team tasked with preparing America.

Our current commander and chief has done all he could in spite of the radical right "NO" party. No matter what happens;
Republicans own this pandemic.

Forced Vaccinations Posted 5/2/22.
"Supreme Court upholds individual's right against forcible vaccination."
Just pause for a few seconds and think about this article's title. Then read it.
This really shocked us, but not for the reason you may think.

This bit of clickbait did not come from the U.S.. However, with a majority of our 'Supremes' being so allegedly radicalized, it could have been.
It may be true in the future for us. Then the CDC and the military will have no power to control a pandemic or even protect our skilled warriors from biological warfare.

Mix and Match Posted 4/14/22.
A recent treatise about the benefits of mixing the two major mRNA-based vaccines. They produce slightly different antibodies. Using a mixture of the two could help fight the virus better then sticking with just one vaccine manufacturer.

New Mechanisms Posted 4/11/22.
Our first link is from Washington State University (WSU). They have discovered clues about new mechanisms SARS-CoV-2 uses to cause an infection. This is a short read, but does indicate Science is still finding new realities about this noval virus. Just before it mutates into another variant. Another reason to vaccinate the whole world. Otherwise America and all other nations will never be rid of masks and other safty requirements.
Congress, blocked by the extremist Right, is doing the exact opposite by cutting off free vaccination, research and other needed activities.

We will add more links when ever an event occures.

We are not responible for information or dis-information on any external link. The posts include commentary.

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