Austin, TX.

Coin Operated Video Game, Pinball Machine and Arcade Game
Repair and Refurbishment Service Rates.

Labor rates, service area, travel fees, charges and the amusement game types we work on.
Our repair shop refurbishment, restoration labor times and costs.

We are open for businessWe repair Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Data East, Atari, Game Plan,
Sega, Midway, Genco
(EM gun games only) arcades.
Pinball Medic can clean, repair, offer game refurbishment and restoration of both Electromechanical and Electronic coin operated amusement Arcade games including EM riffle arcades, coin-op video games and pinball machines.

Pinball Medic is one of a few shops still in business, in the United states and especially in Austin, that can work on classic to modern arcades and pinball machines.

Payment methodes - CASH or Local CHECKS only. CONTACT US today!

We are willing to do House Calls, in Shop or Commercial site coin operated game repair on full sized amusement pinball machines, video games and arcades in and around Austin, Texas.

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Game Repair Request.

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Pinball or Arcade Restoration.
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Amusement arcade game repair and refurbishment of both EM / SS Pinball, Video Games and coin operated arcade games. Labor rates costs and service area. On site or at home arcade and pinball game repair, maintenance and overhaul / refurbishment in Austin, Texas. repairs We repair, refurbish, restore, upgrade and modify (mods), solid state, electromechanical (EM) and electronic amusement equipment, video  Arcade games and Pinball machines. This includes early relay operated electromechanical EM gun games, woodrails and arcades to the most modern coin operated electronic pinball machines and Video arcades.

on site On-Site or In-Home "House Call" Coin Operated Arcade route Amusement Game Service.
We go on site service calls to most locations in and around our local Austin, Texas service area to clean, service, set up and repair pinball machines, full sized coin operated video games and other amusement devices.

Most on-site service calls are limited to basic repairs or playfield cleaning work. If your game requires extensive labor time or parts, it needs to be brought into our repair shop for service.
The minimum field service cost is $200 for the first visit. This includes a $100 field service fee + $90/hr+$10 gas fee*. The Service Fee is usually a one time occurrence for the repair of the game unless more then three visits are made or the game is located far beyond our service area.

Bid/Estimate Field Service or in our shop or as field service is very game title and condision specific on total costs. Estimates and even bids can increas due to unknown part condision and replacement costs. Labor and Parts costs can also increase with the level of refurbishment (from Basic to Top Level cosmetic refurbishment). We sometimes have to increase our quoted price due to unforseen expenses and increases in labor times.

Playfield rubber ring kit installation and playfield cleaning is charged at a game specific price plus parts.

Atari, Bally, Capcom, Data, East, D. Gottlieb and Company, Sega, Stern, Williams manufactered Electro-Mechanical EM Electronic solid state SS pinball machine repair in home or on site service call

Game Inspections prior to buying or selling your pinball: Minimum charge for in service area inspections is $40, if located in Austin.
No insurance claim game inspections. We don't get paid for these, so there is no way to do them. If we can arrange to be paid before the inspection, we might consider doing these again. We're not holding our breaths though.

Contact USContact Us
We can make arrangements to have you bring in the game, or if our schedule and workload permit, we may be able to pick up and transport your game at an additional cost.
  A partial parts and labor payment is due before we start any work on your game. Full Payment is due the same day the repair or game inspection is completed using one of our   payment methods

Our Labor Rates for House Calls. Field Service Labor Rates Non - Code Blue rates.
Field Service Fee $100. (Non-repair shop game repair, usually charged once per repair not per visit).
The minium in our service area field service cost is $200. $100 field service fee + one hour labor+$10 gas fee.
($230 for out of service area field service, $260 Code Blue and $300 for out of service area Code Blue service calls. Miniums include first hour of labor and field service fee).

  Pinball Machines and Video Games are serviced and refurbished at the same hourly labor rate.

Arcade game repair labor rate is $90
per hour with an one hour labor minimum.
  $22.50 per quarter hour after first hour. This is a third of what our only local competitor charges.

pinball medic Coin operated electro-mechanical EM and electronic SS in the home house call commercial arcade site pinball machine repair austin texas  The Field Service Fee is not charged on every round trip unless the destination is far outside of our Service area 60 miles or more from Austin, Texas. We will charge another in service area field service fee if our gas and milage costs exceed the service fee and we have to do many multiple round trips.

  Video game monitors (CRT type) must be removed as field service and repaired at our Austin repair shop (normal field service rates and fees apply).

  In Shop Only Rates
  (Rates Pinball Medic charges if the game is dropped off at our Austin repair shop, no field service fee required for in shop repairs)

  In Shop repair labor rate is $90/hr. for both video and pinball arcade games.
  Field service and game transportation fees are waived if the game is dropped off at our repair Shop. Game parts are not included in our labor rates, bids or quotes.
  E-mails are not considered the same as a signed service contract. Quoted/Estimated costs in an E-mail can change without notice due to our labor and part costs during a repair or refurbishment depending on the condition of the machine and the availability/costs of replacement parts.

 EMERGENCY Arcade Game Repair Service Rates.
 'CODE BLUE' Emergency / Priority Game Repair Field Service Rates.
  $135 per hour (minium $230 inside service area, $300 outside of service area.)
All minium rates include the first hour of labor.  Side artwork, monitor capacitor kits and other major parts are not included and will not be done as part of a CODE BLUE service call.

  Parties and special events are what usually require Code Blue service.  Emergency Repair may not be available every day of the week and at all times of the day. Our shop is usually full and we need to keep working on arcade game repair and refurbishments.

  Your game is put ahead of all other field service calls. Additional Fees and increased Labor Rates apply for this Special Service.
To request CODE BLUE - include the words 'Code Blue' in either the body or subject line of an E-mail.
Use the Contact page to send us E-mail.

Austin Texas, Coin Operated Arcade Game Repair and Refurbishment Labor Rates, Travel Fees and Service conditions for in the Home (House Call) Arcade Game Repair. Commercial Arcade Game Room Field Service Costs, in our repair shop Refurbishment and Amusement Game Restoration Labor Times and Rates.

What we can't repair.

 Pinball Medic will not work on, sale or restore the following types of coin-op amusement games: Skill Slots, Crane games, 8-liners, Mega Touch bar top games, "home use only" arcades or Dollar Bill Accepters. Gambling devices and Slots that are newer then 30 years old can't legally be serviced without a special Texas license. We are not aware of any shop in Texas that can fix a gambling device (not even one in a home game room).

No insurance inspections.
Pinball Medic can no longer offer insurance damage inspections or repair games damaged by shipping, water damage or any repair/restoration that is paid for by insurance. We can't get insurance companies to pay us after sending in detail damage reports. They never intended to ever pay either the policy owner or Pinball Medic. We can no longer afford to offer this service.
No local business will do this type of work either.

  Pinball, Arcade and Gun Game Types: EM = ELECTROMECHANICAL (score reels, relays)    SS = SOLID STATE (digital displays, IC chips)
  *Home version arcade
= Game does not have a coin door or is not a full sized coin-op arcade style game.
  The "home use" type of game uses impossible to find proprietary parts and cannot be refurbished or repaired.
EM=Electro Mechanical Arcade Machine (Relays, Score Reels),
SS=Solid State/Electronic Arcade Game (Chips, Transistors,  DMD/Digital Displays).

Pinball Medic's Typical Labor Rates, Service and Refurbishment Costs Chart

No Major Parts included in typical costs. These are inside service area fees and rates. Outside service area milage was not included.
Part costs vary with game type (EM/SS) and are Arcade title specific.
Parts costs average doesn't include new replacement circuit boards, monitor (new or rebuilt), displays and other major game parts.
Major new game parts/boards include: MPU $360 (avg. costs), Power Supply $120, Solenoid Driver $220, Lamp Driver $120
Your final costs for parts and labor may vary from this chart.
Service Level and
Description of Service

Field Service (Not Code Blue)
In the Home (House Calls), Game Room or Arcade - Video and Pinball Machine Repair.
Code Blue priority Field Service Calls
Game repair field service calls and at our shop or in the field emergency game repair.
Repair Shop Service
In our shop Repair, Refurbishment and Restoration Service .

Minimum to Top Level


This refurbishment level mostly applies to Pinball Machines. Video Games are usually fully refurbished.

Information on
Refurbishment Levels

or See this  Tech Tip
Minimum level of cleaning and repair. Done either as part of the game's field service* or in the shop repair.

*Not all Cosmetic Refurbishment can be done as field service.

Cosmetic Refurbishment - Gets the pinball playfield clean, new playfield rings and game repaired, but not inspected for potential mechanical part defects. Only currently non-working parts and mechanical units are taken apart and repaired.

Full Refurbishment
In shop only. Every mechanical unit in the game is disassembled, cleaned and/or replaced (replaced as needed).
Playfield is cleaned and waxed (Wax is Optional).
Burnt out bulbs replaced or new number 47 bulb type swap-out for the stock number 44 bulb.

Labor Rates Fees / Min. ChargesParts Costs
Typical per game.
Total Costs
Typical per game.
In home rates
1 Hour Min.
$100 Field Service Fee (FSF) - $150 FSF for out of service area game repair.
$200 (Min. costs. $100fsf+$90/hr+$10 gas fee.
Game Specific
More parts are usually replaced in shop due to parts availability and extended game inspection time.
$450 Includes Two Hours of Labor,
parts costs and in our service area FSF.
Code Blue Rates
1 Hour Min.
1.5 times our normal labor rate.
$140 Field Service Fee or if higher,
Game Transportation Fee.
Field Service Fee (FSF) is waived when the game is brought by the customer to our game repair shop.
Game Specific
Does not include monitor repair parts.
Includes Two Hours of Labor, typical parts costs and FSF.
ncludes Two Hours of Labor and typical parts costs.

Labor starts at $850 for a full Refurbishment for most arcades.

 Labor is included in Bid or Estimate and varies by game complexity, EM/SS game type and the game's starting condition.
 Four player EM Pinball Machines require a higher starting price of $1000 because they have many hard to refurbish score reels and stepper units that need to be cleaned compaired to one or two player EM pinball.

Total costs for a typical full refurbishment is $1200. For a restoration, $1600.

Typical labor: 70 Restoration - 40 hours Refurbishment

There are many sub-levels of refurbishment based on game complexity, if the playfield is dis-assembled before cleaning and if it is to be waxed, if refurbishment is done as field service, etc. Grease on game parts removal can not be done as field service. Field Service or the Field Service Fee is waived when the game is brought to our shop by its owner.

Arcade Restoration
In shop service only. Done after the game's Full Refurbishment.
Cabinet wood and artwork restoration, leg bolt nut plates replaced, coin door repair/replacement and major parts/units replaced or refurbished.

  Most good old time pinball and Jukebox repair shops have gone out of business in the U.S.A.. Arcade refurbishment has now become increasingly important because of the recent surge of pinball game values and the irreplaceable nature of no longer manufactured arcade amusement parts.
A good refurbishment or restoration increases and preserves the value of any arcade game. This type of work requires vast amounts of experience. It's very labor and time intensive. testimg

  Game Restorations and Refurbishments are now done as estimated bids only, starting at our minimum labor costs for the type of arcade, it's rarity and condition. Some EM or SS pinballs and arcades are known to be "resurrection nightmares" and we take this into account during the bidding process. EM pinballs (likely four player EMs) take considerably more labor and potentially more parts to repair or refurbish, the minium for starting the refurbishment on these pinball machines is higher then the normal costs of other types of games.
  Additional work or unforeseen part orders will not be done until the game owner signs off on any costs over-runs or bid amendments.

 Pinball Refurbishment Levels   Our definitions and other information for the terms Shopped, Refurbished (Cosmetic VS. Full) and Restored. See our restored tech tip too.

  A Cosmetic Refurbishment ( C-R ) includes topside playfield disassembling for cleaning and inspection, circuit board trouble shooting, repair and replacement of any defective playfield parts (Limited to consumable game parts. Does not include full mechanical units, displays or other large and expensive game parts, but may include the labor to install them.) and the repair of the game.   This level of refurbishment can sometimes be done as field service depending on the game's condition and playfield complexity. See the Pinball Board Repair page for labor rates and times for repairing circuit boards.

  A Full Refurbishment ( F-R ) includes inspecting and disassembling every playfield, backbox or game cabinet's mechanical part or circuit board. These often dirty or greased units are cleaned, repaired or replace if we consider the part to not meet the original game specifications.
  If there are new parts with a longer longevity or are of higher performance available, we will replace these parts. For example, metal coil sleeves do not perform or last as long as the new plastic sleeves. We will replace all metal coil sleeves during the pinball's full refurbishment.

  Refurbishment Minimum Labor Costs - Amusement Game Refurbishment / Restoration. Parts are not included in the minimum labor costs. Note: Coin operated arcade EM and SS types have the same minimum refurbishment starting costs in most cases.

  Top Level Cosmetic Refurbishment of a SS (electronic) pinball. This level of refurbishment includes game repair and playfield cleaning ( Playfield cleaning includes a new rubber ring kit ).
  One and Two player EM pinball machines Cosmetic Refurbishment rate starts at $650.
  Four player EMs and very old EM pinball Cosmetic Refurbishment will start at $850 because of the increased amount of labor needed to repair and refurbish the score reels and the increased number of stepper units in these types of pinball machines. If a four player EM pinball doesn't need many of the score reels or many mechanical units refurbished, then the minimum labor costs will be set at $850.

  Full Refurbishment - See chart.

  Video games and EM arcade machines use a game specific labor and parts minimum that is in the ball park of what we charge to refurbish an electronic pinball game. Although classic video games including vector monitor games and extremely rare EM arcades can require a high cost on large parts like stenciled side art, replacement control panels, buttons, joysticks, relays, special solenoid coils, monitors (rebuild kits) and marquees.
  We should be able to give refurbishment costs before the work is started. However, with very old and valuable games, we can't guarantee our first quote will be accurate or in the ball park of the final charges. The game's owner will be contacted before we start on something that was not accounted for in a repair or refurbishment cost quote.

  Expensive Game Parts and Assemblies requiring shipping/ordering (For example; Pinball MPU/solenoid driver circuit boards, coin doors, pinball legs, new monitors, solenoid coils, Score Motor, Backglass, Playfield Glass, NOS playfield or Cabinet, etc.) will be paid for in advance of being ordered from a third party manufacturer. We will no longer put these parts on our business credit card. We've had too many issues with being reimbursed for expensive and game specific replacement parts. The refurbishment or game service can be stopped for not paying us for these hard to return and expensive parts. We have had to stop all labor on only a very few games for non payment.

Contact us today! We buy coin operated video and pinball games!

We work on most arcade machines including these manufacture's games Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Gameplan, Stern, Data East, Atari, Genco (EM gun games) and Sega Pinball games and most full sized coin operated arcade video games. Service Area Includes
Austin, Texas
Ceder Park, City of Buda
Georgetown, Leander
Round Rock
Most of San Marcus and

  Pinball Medic's FIELD SERVICE AREA   Coin Operated Game Full Refurbishments and Restorations can not be performed as Field Service. Cosmetic Refurbishment can be done as a Field Service call on a limited basis and on limited game types. This service is usually limited to Pinball playfield cleaning, installing new rubber rings, inspection and minor repair of control panel buttons on Video games and pinball machines.

  Our Field Service Area is limited to a 35 mile radius of the Austin, Texas area. Only during rare ebbs in our workload can Pinball Medic schedule special service area extensions that have in the past included all or part of the towns listed in the left side panel.  Because of the random nature of field service calls, our limited shop space and work force, not all service or refurbishment can be accepted. However, we will put your game on a waiting list and try to find another shop in your area if the list gets too long.

  Out-side of our service area repair is very limited by our spare labor time, gas prices and distance to be traveled. We lack the resources to do this kind of service call very often. Also, if we drive a long distance just to be turned away by a locked gate or absenteeism of the game's owner, then being band from our services is a possibility. See our gate codes policy
  Due to the ever increasing price of gas, we will not travel to Dallas, Houston or other distant places from Austin for field service game repair.

  Additional fees and mileage charges apply to outside of our service area game repair.   Game warranties do not extend to any game outside of Pinball Medic's service area or for games shipped out of our service area.

  Fees & Travel Expenses
  High gas prices have limited our field service range to central Texas.

  Diagnostic Fee - $35 Charged if the game or monitor is not repairable. This is in addition to the field service fee and our minimum labor charges.

  Field Service Fee $100  This fee is waived if the game or monitor is delivered to our repair shop in South Austin, Texas.

  Game Transportation / Travel Fee - $110 - Applies if the game is picked up by Pinball Medic inside of our normal service area. The transportation Fee increases to $150 + Gas + mileage if we have to travel outside of our service area. This fee will need to be paid for in full before we pick up the game. Our total travel distance is limited. We will not drive to Dallas or Houston to pick up a game.
  We can not pick up a game that is not on the first floor of a house or building, or if there are obstacles like stairs.

  Pinball Medic Amusements charges 70 cents per mile (set by the IRS) if we have to travel outside our normal service area. Mileage is calculated round trip from our South Austin repair shop. Mileage is in addition to the Field Service or Game Transportation Fees and any other appreciable costs and fees.

  Grease Removal Fee ($25 and more) - Pinball Medic will charge this fee if any plastic game part has been greased.
If a majority of game parts have been greased, Pinball Medic may not be able to repair or refurbish the game. Never grease plastic game parts.
We have to disassemble the mechanical units in a game to search for this problem. This adds to our labor time.

  We charge a $35 fee on top of what the bank charges per check for insufficient funds.

  Game Storage
  Due to too many issues in the past, we have had to adopt a restrictive storage policy on games that are to be stored at our shop after the work has been completed, abandoned games (either paid for or not), the game's repair/refurbishment was canceled, and/or the game is waiting to be picked up or delivered.

  Please read the following important information. If you have a game at our shop that must be stored before it can be picked up or delivered.

  We are not a storage facility, and have very little space in our shop to store games. After the game is finished, please be courteous and make arrangements to pick up your game, or to have it delivered, as soon as is possible.   We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any goods left at our shop for more than 30 days that have not been claimed or that have not had storage fees paid on them. Any paid on games or parts that are left at our shop for more than 30 days are the property of Pinball Medic and are completely non-refundable.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

local customers  Game Delivery
  Games we sell only need a minimum of setup once they have been moved to a location. Usually no setup is required with video games other then plugging the game into a wall outlet.

local customers  Local Customers
  Game delivery and setup is available at additional cost on most games we sell to local customers within our Full Service Area (see map below). Cost varies depending on the game, your exact location, and other variables, such as complexity of delivery (No stairways, more than 1 person needed for delivery/game moving, etc.) Local customers can pick games up at our shop at no extra charge, or if you are interested in having your game delivered and set up, e-mail us for more info.

out of town  Out-of-Town Customers
  Customers located out-of-town, or outside our Full Service Area will need to make arrangements to pick up their game at our shop in person, or have it picked up and shipped to them by a freight carrier or moving company. We can prepare a game for shipping for an additional cost.
Details on finding a freight company to pick up and transport the packaged game for you can be found on our Game Packing and Shipping section with additional information available on our arcade Tech Tips and on our game shipping pages.

local customers  Extra Delivery Charges Will Apply For:
More than one (1) person from our shop needed to move game(s) into a bottom floor location. If other related heavy lifting/moving or a game needs to be moved to or from a second or higher floor is required, then a moving company must be hired by the owner of the game. Pinball Medic will not be able to deliver a game to a location that is not on the ground floor and can not move a game up/down a stairway. We are not an arcade game moving company and lack the labor and equipment to do this kind of service.
Time/labor to remove and re-install any parts of the game in order to get it into your location (or through narrow doorways), and set up.
Removal of any doors, furniture, or any other items at your location in order to deliver and set up your game.
Any return trips to deliver or set up your game will be charged a Minimum of $150 (no one home, unsafe delivery conditions, locked gate, etc).
See our gate codes policy

  We are not responsible for
Doors, handrails, furniture, or any other items at your location that we move or remove to deliver your game.
Damage to the game or any breakable game parts.
Damage to concrete, decks or lawns.
Damage to, or dirtying of, any carpets, floors or dry wall in your location from moving the game.
Return trip(s) to your location for any additional delivery attempts, or if delivery conditions are not acceptable/safe, or if any payment due at delivery is not ready (cash only).
  Safety is our number one concern when delivering and setting up a game. We reserve the right to refuse delivery and/or setup if any hazardous or difficult conditions exist that could cause damage or harm to the game, yourself, your property, our employees, or if other delivery or payment terms or conditions are not met. A return trip can be rescheduled if any of these conditions are present, for an additional fee (see above).

  Please be sure to have all preparations made before we arrive to deliver your game. Please understand that we are often on a tight schedule that involves other customers and often other deliveries or appointments on the same day, so we must charge for any additional time that takes away from our schedule and other customer's schedules.

  Games Pinball Medic Services

  Pinball Medic services the following manufacturer's pinball games. Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, new and older Stern, and Atari.
  We also service most kinds of full sized coin operated video games.

  Please check with us to make sure we can repair your game before we start a field service call.
  No mail-in board repair. We will not fix Arcade game circuit boards by mail, "HOME version" *arcades and pinball machines, Touch Master or any bar top arcade, Shuffle Alley, ball or puck bowling games or any type of gambling device (8 liners,slots).
  *Home Version is defined as a game without a coin door made to be played in a private home and not on a commercial site. This type of game can't be repaired.

Costs can vary depending on exactly how far back in time you want to take your game, or the starting condition, type and complexity of the arcade game and what new or refurbished parts need to be installed. We charge a competitive hourly rate for our time, plus any part costs that are required.

  Payment for Outside Service Area and for Pinball Dollies
  We except cash, checks and money orders for parts, dollies and game sells ordered on-line with destinations inside the U.S.A.
  A waiting period will be imposed of 10 business days on new customers not paying with cash and residing outside of our normal service area.

  Payment for In-Shop Repairs
  For games serviced at our shop, we accept only cash and local checks. We do not accept checks unless they are drawn on a local bank and received 7 or more business days before the game is picked up or delivered.
  We are sorry for any inconvenience, but due to too many past problems with bounced and returned checks, we are forced to no longer accept checks at the time the game is picked up. We add a charge of $35 for any bounced or bad checks we receive.

  Game Shipping Methods
  Pinball Medic can handle the moving of coin operated pinball and video arcade games within our normal 35 mile radius of
Austin, Texas service area
  This service is only available to first floor rooms only for both physical and safety reasons.

  Out-of-state shipping will be handled by a trucking company or other third party services as this is the least expensive and safest way to ship a 300+ pound Coin-Op game. Customers may have to pick up the game at a nearby terminal. Crating and packaging will be added to the total price of the game. See this game shipping Tech Tips for more shipping costs and method information.

  The game is guaranteed to work 100 percent when it leaves the showroom or repair shop. Because damage can occur that is beyond our ability to foresee during shipping, also, the game maybe shipped beyond our service area, the game has no warranty either expressed or implied once it is delivered to the shipping company for deliveries outside our service area.
  Specific warranties will still be in effect if PINBALL MEDIC delivers a game inside our normal service area.

Pinball Medic alternative web site  Coin Operated Video Arcade games and Pinball Machines are repaired at the same hourly rate.  A typical full pinball game refurbishment takes 16 to 20 hours to complete or more if the game is in bad shape.
  Labor starts at $950 for a full refurbishment. The labor for a 'cosmetic refurbishment' starts at $750.
  These quoted costs do not include any new or used game part costs used in the repair or refurbishment.

  A full game restoration starts after a full refurbishment and can add many more labor hours to the typical full refurbishment labor time.
  Electromechanical pinball games take longer to refurbish then any other type of Arcade game. Four player electromechanical games have more score reels and take many hours of labor to restore. Therefor, the labor costs will be higher. A full and complete arcade game (Video or Pinball) restoration can increase the amount of shop labor time 10 to 25 hours.

  Typical Game Refurbishment Labor Intervals
  The following varies according to initial game condition and can be game specific.

  The following labor intervals are approximate and very game specific. Refurbishment can take 25 or more hours to perform on a complex multi-level playfield that has a lot of mechanical or electrical / electronic issues (For example; a Twilight Zone Pinball). The customer will be informed before the work is started. Game consumable like playfield game balls are always replaced. Playfield waxing will usually be done to only none dry cracked EM pinball games unless requested by the game's owner. Waxing and a new set of game balls are the best way to protect the game from wear.

  Typical part costs are between $100-250 per game. New circuit boards and other game specific parts can add another $200-400 to the total cost of a pinball refurbishment. 10 to 20+ Hours: (removing, cleaning, waxing and assembling the playfield can take 12 to 15 hours of labor)

  - Disassembling
and Cleaning of playfield, playfield plastics, posts, ramps, ball shooter refurbishment or replacement, cabinet cleaning, relay refurbishment, Installing a playfield rubber ring kit, etc.

  - Inspection and repair of pinball playfield and backbox mechanisms (playfield toys) - All playfield 'toys' and mechanisms are disassembled during inspection and thoroughly cleaned and replaced if necessary.

  - Inspection and repair of game electronics or game relays and mechanical devices other then the game specific playfield toys.

  4 to 6 Hours: (Game dependent, battery acid damage can increase this time significantly.)
  - Repair and Restoration of the Game's electronic circuit boards, connectors, light socket replacement, etc. If the circuit boards have been "hacked" or have extensive battery acid damage, a new replacement circuit board will be used (if available). See our new reproduction Pinball Boards or Board Repair Work pages.

  2 - 3 hours: (Game dependent)
  - minor cabinet, coin door, leg detailing and playfield waxing. New cabinet legs, adjuster feet and leg bolts are recommended to reduce the labor time and improve game's appearance.
  Pinball Medic will add a grease or oil removal fee to any pinball that has had its internal parts greased (heavily greased). This Fee will start at $20 and go up if extensive use or very heavy amounts (globed on) of grease or oil was used. If there are any animal waste deposits or the game is very corroded or has been sprayed with WD-40, there will either be a very large cleaning fee or we will end the refurbishment.
  See Tech Tips or our second Arcade Game Tech Tips pages for further information on this dangerous and hard to remove Hacked Repair

  Pinball Machine Restorations happen after a game's refurbishment and can add 10 to 15 or more hours of labor (for extensive restoration). This would include major cabinet and backbox reconstruction or replacement and any other major game part rework or cabinet / playfield painting. Any playfield touch-up or major playfield hole repair, scratch removal, extensive cabinet carpentry work or any other work that requires extensive labor hours to perform or special game specific parts such as insert decals is considered a game restoration and can add 10 to 40 hours or more in labor depending on "how far back in time you want to take your pinball machine".

  Game Modification and Upgrades

  Adding a sub woofer and amplifier kit to a pinball, such as in a Medieval Madness, would be considered part of a restoration and not part of the refurbishment. Game modifications (Mods or Upgrades) include, but, are not limited to: Adding LED(s), ramp and hole protectors, custom playfield plastics and game ROM and stabilizing backglass artwork. Anything that was not installed on the game at the factory is considered a game modification. The exception to this are game specific modifications that were provided by the game's manufacturer to repair a design flaw on the pinball's playfield. These "issues" will be dealt with on a game by game basis as far as additional costs and part availability are concerned.

Monkey business of coin-op shops  A Cautionary Tell - There seems to be a great amount of difference in quality of work, skill/craftsmanship and reputation between Texas (and in many other states) Coin Operated arcade game repair/refurbishment shops.
A few shops (even one locally) will not bother to replace a rusty game ball during a pinball refurbishment or will clean a playfield without disassembly (using only a dirty rag, it seems!).
  We've seen bad shop work in the past so often that we used to charge a fee to redo their 'repair' or 'refurb' work.   We have worked on what they sell as shopped out     Examples of some of their hacks are on our hacked repair page.

  Using our own observation, some coin-op shops don't have the experience, mechanical skills or electronic repair education needed to do an arcade refurbishment, restoration or game repair and therefore can't, and should not, work on electromechanical, electronic pinball or any other type of arcade game.  To try and preserve as many arcades as we can, we ask you to do some research before handing your game over to a stranger or repair shop. We waste too much of our time fixing what the other shop "repaired", sold to you as "totally refurbished" or games from E*ay and Cra*g's L*st. Don't even ask about shipping damage repair.

  Coin Operated and Coin-Op game restoration or Refurbishment Request page.

  Locked Gates and Entry Key Codes Policy
  Texas is full of gated communities, private property gates and area entry security. Gate key codes MUST be provided or at least a way to pass through a gate to our driver. Gate security guards must be informed of our arrival before a delivery or field service is attempted. Our technicians have often driven for 30 or more miles (one way) just to be blocked by a locked gate.

 How to get yourself banned from our Services
  A locked gate or non payment can get a customer banned from all of our services and can cause storage fees and other costs to occur. We don't except any excuses for a locked gate. The former customer knew about the gate a long time before we got to it. We will get paid for our work on the same day it is done.
  We never want to ban people or businesses from the services we provide. We always keep this 'nuclear option' as the last possible outcome. However, like any other business, Pinball Medic must make a profit on everything we do to survive. When we waste a half a day driving a long distance without any way to complete the job, we will start on the next machine at the shop or the next field service call. All work on your game will be very delayed, canceled with all new parts removed or/and downgraded to the most basic cosmetic refurbishment level. Any storage fees or other charges will be added.
We can get, after a 30 day waiting period, a mechanic's lien on the game and after 30 days without full payment, we can sale your game as reimbursement for any costs, parts or game storage or other fees you owe.

  Why should you care about banning?
  Banning lasts a lifetime on any service we provide or provided. Costs and fees will be added to any games we store, have repaired, refurbished, restored or sold and on games with parts and/'or labor costs still owed to us.
  Pinball Medic is one of only a very few remaining good amusement game repair shops in Texas and in the nation. We do talk to most of our competitors and can find out the game's history relatively quickly. We already offer very competitive rates, but by NOT doing right by us to save a little on a repair or refurbishment through non payment, being unavailable or trying to get free labor or parts, you will be making your game(s) non-repairable in the future. You could also loose the game as we can sell it to reimburse our costs.

  Reasons for being banned (not a complete list).
Preventing us from completing
a delivery, game pick up or completing a service call with a locked gate, very poor driving instructions or any other means (guard dog, etc).
Not paying Pinball Medic in full after a repair/refurbishment or for new, use or expensive parts, fees and storage prior to starting a repair/refurbishment. If you can't pay us by one of our payment methods then tell us before the work is started, not after it is completed.
We will not allow games to leave our shop before all payments have been completed. We reserve the right to downgrade a refurbishment or cancel the work due to lack of payment and transfer game's ownership to Pinball Medic after a waiting period. Unpaid for parts will be removed from the game.
Not reimbursing us for the labor or for any new/used parts. This includes labor and parts even after a service was terminated before it could be completed.
If we find past history of bad dealings with other repair shops. Too often, games would be delivered from well beyond our service area because other shops would not accept a game (customers never indicate this has occurred) or a repair was done incorrectly and has damaged the game. There could be a reason why you are having "trouble with other shops" and have to travel hundreds of miles to get your game refurbished or repaired. We are not the "last chance shop" and will not be held responsible for other repair shops repair, refurbishment or restoration.
We do our best to filter out people who purposely travel from one shop to another to "scam" labor and parts from each repair shop. This practice can make the game non-repairable and can get the game's owner banned from one of the last and perhaps best coin operated repair shops in Texas, Pinball Medic.
  Not all repair shops are what they claim to be. We know that issues might have been caused by previous repair that was done incorrectly  In some of these cases, we try and repair the bad repair, however, many are just too far gone to do anything on the hacked repair job. We reserve the right to decline to work on any game for any customer and for any reason.
Your check bounces for any reason.
There is a 14 business day waiting period on all checks to make sure they are valid before the game can be removed from our repair shop.
If a local bad check is presented to us without any intentional fraud taking place, we will expect cash as the only payment method and will add a $35 fee for each bad check or the number of times the check(s) have bounced.
Having us make multiple trips to a location to get paid for previous work. We are willing to work with you during a field service call, however, trying to get free labor each time we arrive at a location because the customer didn't have a way to pay us and didn't tell us before we worked on their games, will get them banned. Even if you have multiple games in need of repair. Gas is expensive and our time is valuable to us. As stated before, we will no longer work for game software design companies. They pull this "stunt" every time.
Any illegal activity on the part of a customer. Scams and other illegal activity is obviously grounds for being banned for life. Illegal or legal drugs are NOT included as one of our payment methods and are NOT accepted as payment for any services or game parts we provide. Don't try anything illegal with us. You could loose your game and/or any payments and even reported to the proper authorities.
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