Coin-Op Arcade, Pinball and Video Game Shipping Methods and Rates.
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Coin-Op Arcade, Pinball, Video Game Shipping Methods and Rates
 Pinball Medic can handle the moving of coin operated pinball and video arcade games within our normal 35 mile radius of Austin, Texas service area
  This service is only available to first floor rooms only for both physical and safety reasons.
 See our Arcade Game Service page for more info on what we can move and the charges and fees we have for delivering an arcade game that we have sold, refurbished or restored.

 Out-of-state shipping will be handled by a trucking company or other third party services as this is the least expensive and safest way to ship a 300+ pound Coin-Op game. Customers may have to pick up the game at a nearby terminal. Crating and packaging will be added to the total price of the game. See this game shipping Tech Tips for more shipping costs and method information.

 The game is guaranteed to work 100 percent when it leaves the showroom or repair shop. Because damage can occur that is beyond our ability to foresee during shipping, also, the game maybe shipped beyond our service area, the game has no warranty either expressed or implied once it is delivered to the shipping company for deliveries outside our service area.
 Specific warranties will still be in effect if PINBALL MEDIC delivers a game inside our normal service area.

 Continental U.S. Game Shipping rates on all Arcade Game, Dolly or Game Parts - (Texas sales tax will be added for in state sales only.)
 Shipping Insurance may be available depending on carrier used and must be paid for prior to shipping.
 It costs more then $450+crating costs to ship a game to your door by NAVL (North American Van Lines). $1500 Insurance is included.

 Pinball Medic recommends NAVL as crating is cheaper then Forward Air and there is no need to transport a game from a terminal after delivery.
 $300 plus crating charge ships a game to an airport near you by Forward Air Trucking company. Shipping Insurance is $1.00 per $100 of declared value.
 See our Tech Tips page for more info on arcade game shipping companies.

NOTE: The information on this page is out of date and will be updated as we gather new shipping rate data.

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