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how to contact pbm in austin texas we are openContact Pinball Medic in Austin, Texas.
Use our contact
page to set up a service call, buy/sell an arcade or repair, refurbish, restore, inspect or set up / unbox a game.

arcade game coin op service callInfo on in the home or on site arcade repairs.

Pinball repair and Field service.

Pinball game restoration. A limited service.

Arcade game Service Calls in and around Austin.
We're building a new coin-op repair route. If you have an arcade site, we can repair almost anything.

Pinball game sales for sell austin texasPinball Games for Sale and Wanted Pinball games and video arcades!

Video arcade games for sale in Austin TXVideo games for sale. We BUY Coin-Op Arcades and Pinball.
Video Game Repair Most full sized coin operated electronic and electromchanical arcade games can be serviced.
No bar top, EM Bingo, 8 line or Home Use only games repaired.

Pinball Medic buys coin operated arcades pinball em gun games and video gamesWe buy arcades
Get an offer (sometimes the same day).
Always welcomed: Pacman or Ms. Pacman and other classic video games, Vector graphic games, EM and SS pinball, EM Arcade Games including Riffle arcades.

our service areaService Area

35 mile radius from the center of Austin, Texas.

non updatedNon-updated links
Pages we no longer refresh. Mostly products we no longer manufacture or stock in bulk.
We're going to leave them alone because most still have useful information on them.
Who knows, one day when we win the lottery or start a 'Go N Fund us' page; we may explore other options.

Yellow Jacket pinball dollyYellow Jacket Pinball Dolly.
We'd like to make more. However, without a space or materials to build them; we can't.
We could eventually make a kit to reduce the shipping costs. We already have ridiculously cool plans for more models. Just no way to build them. The little dolly that could, can't.

PROM ProgGame PROM Programming / replacement.
After the programmer fell off the shelf, no PROMs were made any more. True story. May our hard drive R.I.P.

Laser pinball game ball 'LASER' Pinball game balls
The world wide extinction of good quality hardened game balls killed this product. We're grateful to have included the word 'game' in the previous sentence.

Our HOME pageOur Home page.
What we do, what we work on and when we work.
or try Pinballmedic dot com.

Our Site News and FAQs about P M.

Page predicting what could happen with Covid-19 and our political system and Interesting Covid links.

pinball repair servicesIn the Home or Arcade room.
Pinball repair and maintenance.
We inspect, refurbish and restore
pinball machines.

We sell Consignment games using our site and others.

We're much safer then CL.

pinball coil chartsPinball Coil Charts

How Coils work, are powered and constructed.

Tech Tips arcade pinball video gameArcade Pinball Technical Repair and Upkeep Tips in one place.

More then 52 tips. Or try pinball-medic to get to our tips.

We are taking suggestions for the 50th Tech Tip Question!
Use our Contact page to contribute.

list of pinball circuit boardsPinball Circuit Board Charts

List of new replacement circuit boards.

arcade game partsArcade Game Parts
Very limited supply. No shipping.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions.
Can you handle the truth?

coin-op repair refurbishment disasters Coin Operated Catastrophes
Laugh and learn from these repair horror events.
submit to usWe DARE you to Submit your own story.

Non-updated links Continued:

score reels for sale Used EM Score Reels Too hard and expensive to ship without breakage. Also, can't sell what isn't stocked.

monitor capacitor kitsMonitor Cap Kits
Yet another supply issue caused their demise. Lots of info on this page. Very few part kits left and none for sale. Either find a supplier or roll your own.

Monitor replacements CRT's are too obsolete to care about. Also, can't get new monitors without getting a pay-day loan.

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non updatedSpecial Note: Regarding invitations to join Lumped In, Frequently Bad, G we're evil, Y use this and all other social media.
Attributable to privacy and security concerns, Pinball Medic's company policy is to not involve our employees, customers or management team in social networking or other personal data sharing sites. They simply retain data for too long, sell and share personal information without permission and contribute only a very small benefit to Pinball Medic Amusements, our employes and most importantly to our customers.
A major concern is the penalty many invite senders pay when we do not accept an invitation to join a particular social network or job aspirant site. To do less harm, we ask people to not send us invitations to such sites at this time. We may accept them eventually, however, only after our privacy, security and invite rejection penalty concerns have been addressed. Most likely after these monopolies are broken up into manageable chunks.