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Amusement Game Sales, Service/Repair and Refurbishment/Restoration

We operate in Austin, Texas and surrounding cities.

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Use the Contact information page to set up a service call, buy/sell an arcade or refurbish one.

PINBALL Machines and Video Games For Sale.  
Game Repairs in the Home.

Full sized Coin Operated arcade games only.
No home use only or MAME games serviced.

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Games of Future Past
Sold or currently for sale games.
BS Dracula cab
Central Park EM pin
countdown Cyberball 2072
Deadly Weapon
Defender video
Elvira Flash
Force II
Galaga Galaxian
Grand Prix EM pin
Harley Davidson pin
Yellow Jacket pinball dolly for sale by Pinball MedicArcade Moving Equipment
Yellow Jacket Pinball Dolly

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PM'S Typical Refurbishment Process
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Games of Future Past Continued
Joust video
Kangaroo Video Lost World
Mars God of War
Monday Night Football
Moster Bash
Ms Pac Man Pac Man videos
Paradise Paragon
Pole Position video
Robocop Rollerdisco
Showtime Video
Space Invaders Pin
Spy Hunter Time Crisis videos
Theater of Magic (TOM)
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Coin-Op Tech Tips Page 1.
More Tech Tips Questions Page 2.
Even more Tech info. Page 3.
Solenoid Coil Charts
Pinball System Board Charts
Coin-Op Catastrophes illustrated.

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