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Flipper Shaft Bushings, Coil Sleeve Charts
Important Note on Flipper Bushings: These are flipper shaft plastic bushings and not coil sleeves. Worn out and wrong type of Flipper bushings cause playfield "flipper scrapes".  If the plastic flipper bats do touch the playfield at any point in their movement then replace all flipper bushings immediately.
Plastic flipper body playfield scrapes are caused by the flipper body or its metal mounting bracket. They can be prevented but the playfield can't be restored to pre scrape condition. Often route people and game repair shops install the wrong bushing type for the pinball they are working on. Check and double check the flippers to make sure they have enough clearance between the flipper and the playfield.
545-5070-00 bushing
Stern/Sega &
Data East #545-5070-00

03-7568 Flipper Bushing
03-7568 Flipper Bushing

Used on all Williams pinball machines from 1980 to 1999.
Used on all Bally pinball machines from 1989 to 1999.

Williams/Bally reference #03-7568

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03-6014 and A-2408 flipper Bushing
03-6014 and A-2408 Flipper Bushing
Williams nylon flipper bushing used on all games from Post Time (04/69) to Laser Ball (12/79).

Williams Part Reference #03-6014
Gottlieb Reference Part Number - Gottlieb A-2408

The following pinball games use this size of flipper bushing.
1969-04 Post Time, 1969-05 Suspense, 1969-06 Smart Set, 1969-09 Paddock, 1969-10 Expo, 1969-10 Roto, 1969-12 Set Up, 1969-12 Seven Up, 1970-01 Gay 90's, 1970-03 4 Aces, 1970-04 Jive Time, 1970-04 Rock 'N Roll, 1970-06 Aces & Kings, 1970-09 Strike Zone, 1970-10 Straight Flush, 1970-11 3 Jokers, 1970-12 Dipsy Doodle, 1971-02 Solids N Stripes, 1971-03 Doodle Bug, 1971-03 Love Bug, 1971-04 Gold Rush, 1971-04 Jackpot, 1971-08 Klondike, 1971-08 Planets, 1971-08 Yukon, 1971-08 Zodiac, 1971-10 Stardust, 1971-10 Yukon Special, 1972-01 Olympic Hockey, 1972-03 Granada, 1972-03 Spanish Eyes, 1972-05 Honey, 1972-05 Winner, 1972-08 Super Star, 1972-09 Big Star, 1972-09 Fan-Tas-Tic, 1972-12 Swinger, 1973-01 Travel Time, 1973-02 Fun-Fest, 1973-02 Summer Time, 1973-03 Match Race, 1973-05 Gulfstream, 1973-05 Tropic Fun, 1973-06 Jubilee, 1973-06 Skee Skill, 1973-09 Darling, 1973-10 OXO, 1974-01 Star Action, 1974-01 Tramway, 1974-02 Triple Action, 1974-03 Dealer's Choice, 1974-05 Skylab, 1974-07 Spacelab, 1974-07 Strato-Flite, 1974-10 Super-Flite, 1974-11 High Ace, 1974-11 Lucky Ace, 1974-12 Star Pool, 1975-03 Satin Doll, 1975-04 Big Ben, 1975-05 Pat Hand, 1975-07 Valencia, 1975-08 Triple Strike, 1975-09 Black Gold, 1975-09 Little Chief, 1975-12 Toledo, 1976-01 Space Mission, 1976-06 Space Odyssey, 1976-07 Aztec, 1976-11 Aztec, 1976-12 Blue Chip, 1976-12 Grand Prix, 1977-04 Liberty Bell, 1977-05 Big Deal, 1977-06 Hot Tip, 1977-07 Lucky Seven, 1977-08 Rancho, 1977-09 Argosy, 1977-10 Wild Card, 1977-11 Hot Tip, 1977-12 Road Champion, 1978-03 Lucky Seven, 1978-05 Contact, 1978-05 World Cup, 1978-08 Disco Fever, 1978-10 Pokerino, 1978-11 Phoenix, 1979-01 Flash, 1979-03 Stellar Wars, 1979-06 Rock 'N Roll, 1979-07 Tri Zone, 1979-09 Time Warp, 1979-12 Gorgar, 1979-12 Laser Ball
Pinball Coil Sleeve Part Number reference chart by part number and manufacturer
Part NumberLength
Measured in Inches
Stern /
Data East
Williams / Bally

Chicago Coin
/ Old Stern

A8111 Sleeve
1-1/4A8111 03-7066-1130-1536
1-3/8 Sleeve1-3/8 MORE coil sleeve information. 143-808
GTB - Standard Sleeve1-5/8A5064 
BLY - Standard Sleeve1-5/8 
WMS - Standard Sleeve1-3/4545-5031-0003-7066
A5065 Sleeve1-13/16A5065 03-7066-3
N Sleeve1-15/16
9/16 Core Diameter
2-3/16 Sleeve2-3/16545-5388-0003-7066-5
9/16 Core Diameter
A5172 Sleeve2-1/2A5172
Bell / Chime/ Upkicker Coils Sleeves
Part NumberSleeve Length
From top of sleeve to flange -
Total length of sleeve
GottliebStern /
Data East
Williams / BallyChicago Coin
/ Old Stern
1-3/16 Sleeve1-3/16 -
Short-Bell1-5/8 -
WLL-03-7067-31-9/16 -
21411 Sleeve1-11/16 -
25605 Sleeve2-1/16 -
WLL-03-7067-12-1/2 -
Long-Bell2-1/2 -
Notes: All Sleeves use 1/2 inch diameter cores unless otherwise noted.
Sizes: Length measured from top of sleeve to flange - Total length of sleeve.

Solenoid Coil Sleeve Chart
Measured in Inches.
New replacement solenoid coils are shipped with a coil sleeve. However, the proper length and style of coil sleeve may need to be ordered.
Replacing old dirty coil sleeves and cleaning the coil plunger are the least expensive ways to cure sluggish solenoids.
Replacement of metal coil sleeves with plastic sleeves is mandatory as the nylon plastic sleeves perform better and last longer.
1 1/4 inch pinball coil sleeveWilliams/Bally 03-7066-5 coil sleevetwo and one quarter inch coil sleeve03-7067-3 nylon coil sleeve with a 3/16 inch flange
1-3/4 Coil Sleeve
This 1-3/4" nylon coil sleeve is the most commonly used length on all brands of pinball machines.
Typically found on pop bumpers, slingshots, kickers, and early solid state and electromechanical flipper assemblies.
Reference Part Numbers:
Williams/Bally 03-7066.
Stern/Sega/Data East 545-5411-00.
2-3/16 Coil Sleeve
Used on Williams post -1980, Bally post- 1988, Stern post- 1999, Data East and Sega flipper assemblies.
This is the standard flipper coil sleeve replacement for all newer model solid state pinball machines.

Reference Part Number:
Williams/Bally 03-7066-5.
2-1/4 Coil Sleeve
This is the proper nylon coil sleeve for Williams System 6 and System 7 flipper assemblies.

This coil sleeve is slightly longer than the much more common 2-3/16" sleeve. The extra 1/16 inch is needed to keep the flipper plunger return spring from getting wedged between the plunger and coil.
2-1/16 Coil Sleeve
Nylon coil sleeve with a 3/16" flange.
Used on Bell coils and Knocker units.

Williams/Bally Reference Part Number 03-7067-3

See this for more info on coil and flipper sleeves.
Ball shooter rod sleeve ball popper rod sleeve inside of a coil sleeve  This special purpose Ball Popper/Shooter rod sleeve looks like a normal coil sleeve. Except they are usually at least two inches in length. Also, they usually can slide inside a normal coil sleeve (see photo on right of shooter sleeve) and most have a 1/4 inch inside diameter.
 This type of special sleeve is getting harder to find, but is essential to proper ball shooter rod operation.

NOTE: Check for dirty and bad shooter tip rubber caused "mushroomed tipped" metal shooter rods. Bent shooter rods and weak rod springs when replacing this sleeve.
bell knocker coil sleeve Bell, Chime or V.U.K. Coil Sleeve.
center hole coil stop used for bells and chimes Notice the extra length of sleeve after the coil stop ridge.
 This type of coil sleeve is used with coil stops with a centered hole.
 The coil's plunger passes through both the solenoid coil and coil stop to allow for a greater travel distance. The greater travel equates to more momentum and louder bell sounds.
  A VUK uses this greater core travel to lift the game ball much higher then it could if the plunger core was stopped by a normal coil stop. Allowing it to thrust the ball though a metal ramp above the VUK unit.
metal vs plastic coil sleevePlastic VS Metal Coil Sleeves
 It is best to replace a metal coil sleeve found in older electro-mechanical pinball games with a new plastic sleeve when ever possible.

 The plastic sleeve offers greater longevity and performance over the metal coil sleeve. Plastic does have a draw back as it will melt if the coil is energized for too long of a time. However, if a coil is hot enough to melt its coil sleeve then it's probably already burnt itself out.

Standard Solenoid and Bell/Chime Coil Sleeve Lengths
G=Gottlieb,   B=Bally   W=Williams,   WB=new B and W part number (after W bought B)
CC/OS=Chicago Coin / Old Stern,   S/S/DE=new Stern / Sega / Data East

(Original Sleeve Manufacturer) - NOT part of the sleeve's part number
Coil Sleeve Length
in Inches
Manufacture's Part Number Bell/Chime/Up-kicker/V.U.K. Manufacture's Part NumberSpecialty
1-1/4"A8111 (G),
03-7066-1 (WB),
130-1536 / 91-1509 (CC/OS)
1-3/16" - 1-1/2"4A-159-1 (CC/OS) 
1-3/8"143-808 (CC/OS)1-5/8" - 2"A6087 (G), 03-7067 (WB),
4A-159 (CC/OS)
(short length sleeve)
1-5/8" - standard length for both G and BA5064 (G)1-9/16" - 1-13/16"03-7067-3 (WB) 
1-3/4" - standard length for W545-5031-00 (S/S/DE),
03-7066 (WB)
1-11/16" - 1-13/16"545-5076-00 / 545-5076-01 (S/S/DE)
21411 (G)
1-13/16"A5065 (G),
03-7066-3 (WB)
2-1/16" - 2-1/4"25605 (G), 545-5709-00 (S/S/DE),
03-7067-5 (WB)
1-15/16" - 9/16" Diameter2A-232 (CC/OS)2-1/2" - 2-5/8"03-7067-1 (WB)
2-1/16"03-7066-4 (WB)2-1/2" - 2-3/4"A5142 (G), 545-5847-00 (S/S/DE),
03-7067-6 (WB), 167-800 (CC/OS)
(long length sleeve)
2-3/16"545-5388-00 (S/S/DE),
03-7066-5 (WB)
 The short bell sleeve length is used to ring a small sized bell mounted close to the coil.
 The long bell sleeve length is used on knockers, bells, and VUKs were the solenoid core must move a great distance without falling out of the coil sleeve. This sleeve usually sticks way out of both ends of the coil.

  *All sleeves listed on this chart are 1/4 inch inside diameter unless indicated otherwise.
2-15/16" *
9/16" Diameter Sleeve
03-7068 (WB)
2-1/2"A5172 (G)