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NEW!  35. What are some Wide Body and Standard playfield glass diminsions?
35. What are some Wide Body and standard playfield glass diminsions?
Pinball Playfield glass Most modern pinball games use a standard sized playfield glass.

 Widebody pinball games can have different playfield glass diminsions that changed with the game's title and manufacturer.

 See Tech Tip 6 for more on widebody PF glass replacement.

 Pinball Medic does not sale new or used playfield glass.
 We are not responible for any PF glass mesurement errors on this page.

  NOTE: PF=Playfield.  LB.=Pounds. "=Inches.
 Glass diminsions are Width" X Length" X Thickness.
 All flippered pinball machines use a tempered glass (without the tempered "seal or mark").

 A standard pinball playfield glass measures 21" wide x 43" length x 3/16 inch thick (double strength). It is used on most pinball machines, although there are many exceptions to this standard size.
 Standard playfield glass part numbers.
08-7028-T / A-08-7028-T.
Data East / Sega / Stern 660-5001-00.
Bally G-409.
Midway 0360-00921-0000.
Game Plan 08-10003D.
Capcom GL00102. Weight: 14.9 lb.

 Early solid state Williams wide body pinball machines PF glass measures 27-5/8" x 43" x 3/16" thick. 08-7359-T Weight: 16 lb.

 Early Bally electromechanical (EM) PF glass (metal framed glass holder) is 21" x 41-1/2" x 3/16 inches thick. G-337, Weight: 18 lb.

 Wide body early Bally solid state PF glass measures 27-1/2" x 43" x 3/16 inches.  G-409-1, Weight: 16 lb.

 Williams Joust Pinball machine - Measures 25 1/2" x 42 1/2" x 3/16 Inches.
 Williams Hyperball and Bally Rapid Fire - Measures 21" x 37" x 3/16 Inches.
 Williams Magic Clock PF glass measures 21 3/4" x 43" x 3/16" Inches.
Wide Body and Game Specific playfield glass dimisions
(by game name and manufacturer).

 Pinball 2000 - Uses a special half-mirrored playfield glass on all Pinball 2000 games. Revenge From Mars and Star Wars Episode 1. 04-12739.1 Weight: 19 lb.

 Wide Body glass measures 23-3/4" x 43" x 3/16" thick.
 Used on the following games: Demolition Man, Indiana Jones (IJ), Judge Dredd (JD), Popeye, Road Show, Star Trek The Next Generation (STTNG), Twilight Zone (TZ).  Williams 08-7028-1. Weight: 21 lb.

 Wide body PF glass for early Stern (1980-1982) and other pinball machines measures 24-9/16" x 45-3/4" x 3/16" thick.
 Fits - Big Game (BG), Cheetah, Flight 2000 (F2K), Freefall (Stern), Iron Maiden (IM), Orbitor 1, Split Secound (SS), Viper (Stern). Weight: 12 lb.

  Data East wide body PF glass size is 23.75" by 43" by 3/16" thick.
  NOTE:This is incorrectly stated in the Guns N Roses and WWF Royal Rumble game manuals.   See Service Bulletin number 99.
 Fits: Batman Forever, Guns N Roses, WWF Royal Rumble.
  660-5014-00, Weight: 15 lb.

 Gottlieb early solid state System 1 wide body tempered glass measures 27-1/2" x 48-1/2" x 3/16" thick.
 Fits the following games: ROLLER DISCO and GENIE, Weight: 10 lb.

  Wide body tempered glass for Gottlieb early solid state System 80 measures 24-5/8" x 48-3/8" x 3/16" thick.   GTBSYS80-W, Weight: 20 lb.
 Fits the following games: (1981-10) Black Hole (BH), (1980-06) Circus, (1980-08) Counterforce (CF), (1982) Eclipse, (1981-02) Force II, (1982-06) Haunted House (HH), (1980-10) James Bond 007, (1980-06) Panthera, (1981-03) Pink Panther, (1980-10) Star Race, (1980-05) Spider Man, (1980-12) Time Line, (1981-09) Volcano.

 Williams Slugfest pitch & bat baseball machine.  23" x 35.25"   08-7572-1

 18.5" x 36.5" x 3/16" Fits - Bally Safecracker, Ticket Tac Toe.   90003 or 08-8103, Weight: 15 lb.

 Stern's Orbitor - Measures 24 5/8" x 45 3/4" x 3/16 Inches.
 Many more Q & A to come! We plan to also start a detailed How To WiKi soon.
 Submissions will be from Coin-Op game hobbiest, arcade repair shops and the general public.
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