Coin Operated Video Game Repair and Refurbishment Service in Austin, Texas

We repair Coin-Op Video Arcade Games at the following locations
Home Game Room and House Calls
Also at Commercial Arcade Site - Coin-Op Field Sevice and Route arcade game repairs

We repair classic vintage to modern coin operated video arcade games. Including the following manufacture's full sized video games: (standard and vector monitor games) Atari, Williams, Bally, Midway, Namco, Sega and many others.

We also buy arcade games.

Site Map For Game Repair use our Contact page. See our Service page for labor and other rates.

Please use our CONTACT page and include 'CODE BLUE' in the subject line for emergency repair only.

Video game controls (joysticks, buttons,roller balls), electronic parts and monitor parts are often obsolete and can't be purchased locally. This can limit our ability to repair video games when on a 'CODE BLUE' service call.
To insure successful game repair, Please try and contact us in advance of the desired repair date.

Our Policies for In-Shop Repair
Game owner must provide game transportation. However, a field service and other fees are not charged on this type of service.
Monitor removal can be done as Field Service - Monitor repair is an in shop only service.
A description of our Video Game Refurbishment / Restoration process.

A description of our Video Game Refurbishment / Restoration process All of our Coin-Op Game service rates.

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