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 Coin Operated full sized Refurbished / Restored Video Games For Sale

All of our Video games are in storage waiting on a refurbishment. We don't have a show room to allow for viewing a game.

Contact Pinball Medic Site Map Please let us know if you want a particular game by using our Contact page.
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Video Games Wanted list

 Video Games in the Pipeline
We have plenty of games in inventory waiting refurbishment. Let us know what game you want.

Note: Pipeline arcades are not refurbished video games. We are simply listing our game inventory.
No game on the 'Videos Games in the pipeline' list will be sold AS-IS unless noted otherwise.

  Video Game Order page. Use this information to order a specific game title we have in our inventory.
New games have been added to the "Video Games in the Pipeline" section.

 Video Games Wanted List.
  Only local (Texas residents only.) game buyers will be allowed to list a game on our Video Games Wanted list.  Use this page to inquiry about a game not in our inventory. We will look around locally and add the game to our 'watch list'.

 Video Game Quote information - Use this page for a quote on a game you want to sell to Pinball Medic or see our
We buy coin-op games page for warehouse buys, consignment sales and other useful information.

 Payment Methods: Cash, Local Personal Checks*
 No Paypal or Credit Cards accepted.
 Definition of 'Sale Pending'  and our  Game Hold Fee policy
Wanted Dead or Alive: Video Games Wanted List

Also looking for Red Barron, Any type of x-y color or black and white vector arcade.
We have a local buyer for these games.
Use our game request form to list your most wanted game here.
 We are always looking for Coin Operated Video Arcade Games working or not to replenish our used game parts or arcade games for sale inventory. You can get money for that space hog in the corner of your garage or game room. Just fill out our Game Quote form.
See if you have a coin operated pinball or Video game that we already have a local buyer lined up for or list a arcade game you really need.

Please fill out a Game Quote Page if you have one of these games for sale.

 Pinball Medic performs house calls or commercial site coin-op video Game Repair

 Using the Video Game Refurbishment Process
is how we Repair and Restore our customer's and our 'for sale' Coin-Op Video Arcade Games.
 See also - Coin-op Arcade Game Refurbishment   Monitor Service and Total Video Game Restorations

  Coin Op Game Repair Request Page.

 Pinball Medic Amusements Offers: Video Game Repair and Restoration Services

 Coin-Op VIDEO GAME PARTS  Light bulbs,Transistors, Logic Chips , Coin operated Game Hardware, Arcade game moving equipment
(This is NOT a list of our current inventory, however, links to sold and for sale games have been included.)
1971 - Computer Space (first commercial video game)
1972 - Pong
1974 - Tank
1976 - BiPlane
1976 - Death Race
1978 - Sea Wolf
1978 - Space Invaders
1979 - Asteroids
1979 - Galaxian
1979 - Lunar Lander
1980 - Asteroids Deluxe
1980 - Battlezone
1980 - Bezerk
1980 - Centipede
1980 - Defender
1980 - Eagle
1980 - Missile Command
1980 - Pac-Man
1980 - Phoenix
1980 - Rally X
1980 - Star Castle
1980 - Tempest
1980 - Warlords
1980 - Wizard of War
1981 - Donkey Kong
1981 - Frogger
1981 - Galaga
1981 - Gorf
1981 - Mousetrap
1981 - Ms. Pac-Man
1981 - Qix
1981 - Stargate
1981 - Vanguard
1982 - Black Widow
1982 - Burgertime
1982 - Dig Dug
1982 - Donkey Kong Jr.
1982 - Jungle King
1982 - Joust
1982 - Moon Patrol
1982 - Pengo
1982 - Pole Position
1982 - Q*bert
1982 - Robotron 2084
1982 - Space Duel
1982 - Time Pilot
1982 - Tron
1982 - Xevious
1982 - Zaxxon

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1983 - Dragon's Lair
1983 - Elevator Action
1983 - Gyruss
1983 - Major Havoc
1983 - Spy Hunter
1983 - Star Wars
1983 - Tapper
1983 - Track and Field
1984 - Punchout
1985 - Choplifter
1985 - Gauntlet
1985 - Ghosts 'n Goblins
1985 - Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom
1986 - Arkanoid
1986 - Outrun
1986 - Rampage
1987 - 1943 The Battle of Midway
1987 - Double Dragon
1987 - Rastan
1987 - Road Blasters
1987 - Street Fighter
1988 - Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
1988 - Cyberball 2072
1988 - Ghouls 'n Ghosts
1988 - Tetris
1989 - Golden Axe
1990 - Golden Tee Golf
1990 - Raiden
1990 - Rampart
1990 - Smash TV
1991 - Captain America and the Avengers
1991 - King of Monsters
1991 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
1991 - X-Men
1992 - Lethal Enforcers
1992 - Mortal Kombat (MKII)
1993 - NBA Jam
1994 - Daytona USA
1995 - Area 51
1995 - Soul Edge
1996 - San Francisco Rush
1997 - House of the Dead
1997 - NFL Blitz
1998 - Gauntlet Legends
1998 - House of Dead 2
1998 - Time Crisis II
1999 - Carnevil
1999 - Ferrari F355 Challenge
1999 - Hydro Thunder
2000 - 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
2000 - Gauntlet Dark Legacy
2001 - Ridge Racer V
The small print:
Our definition of 'Sale Pending'  - 'A game that has been sold on a verbal agreement only or a hold fee has been paid on the game.'

Pinball Medic has not been paid in full for a Sale Pending game. Customers are welcome to submit a Game Order Form for a pending sale game in case the buyer fails to complete the transaction.
All Game Order forms will be processed on a 'First Filed, First Processed' basis.

Games can be put on Hold in most cases for $250. Games that have a very high retail value will have a larger Hold Fee.
To stop abuses of the 'sell pending' or 'Game on hold' statuses, all fees and holds paid to Pinball Medic will only be partially refunded in the case the game does not sell or the final payment is not made within a reasonable time frame.
As an example, if a $250 hold fee was paid and the sale was stopped for any reason, $150 of the hold fee would be refunded.
See our We buy coin-op page for more information on these fees.